Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Beatles VI - my favourite all time beatles album

Beatles VI

This is my favourite Beatles album of all time and I am so pleased it is being issued on CD next week in ‘The Capitol albums Vol: 2’.
It was issued in June 1965 in North America and other territories outside of the UK.
It features the US Number 1 hit single ‘Eight Day’s A Week’ coupled with it’s ‘b’ side ‘I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party’.
It has two tracks especially recorded for this album in England by Larry Williams ‘Dizzy Miss Lizzie’ and ‘Bad Boy’.
This also is the home of the excellent Lennon and McCartney composition ‘Yes It Is’ which was not issued on a studio album in the UK.
A notable cover version on this album is the Buddy Holly number ‘Words Of Love’.
The Catalogue number is Capitol ST2358 and was also issued on Eight Track (8xt 2358) and Cassette (4xt 2358).
My copy is the Canadian capitol ‘rainbow rim’ from the early 1980’s.


oxenholme said...

It is indeed a belter of an album Caroline...

I got my Capitol Albums Volume 2, played Kansas City, took off the CD (which sounded superb) and put on the LP. To my stark disbelief it sounded a tad better. No idea when I got it - it's got Apple labels, I think it's an American pressing...

I notice that my Second Album is a Canadian pressing. I played it this morning to check out side 2 track 2...

Where do I find the best stereo Long Tall Sally?

Caroline said...

Q: Where do I find the best stereo Long Tall Sally
A: On LP, your best bet might well be the UK first edition Rock and Roll Music compilation on Parlophone PCSP 719 (The silver foil double).
The Canadian Long Tally Sally album is very likely to have used the US stereo mix as the tracks which were duplicated with the Beatlemania with the Beatles LP were advertised at the time as being 'newly recorded' and are identical to the US Second Album.
On off the shelf CD's we're stuck with Past Masters 1.