Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Beach Boys: Good UK lps list & Kinks

Surfin Safari EMI Capitol Greenline with GO prefix catalogue number. Despite what the cover says it has 12 tracks and is mono.
Little Deuce Coupe EMI Capitol Greenline GO 2025. Has all 12 tracks and uses UK stereo stampers.
All Summer Long EMI Music For Pleasure MFP 50065. Although it has a gordy looking new sleeve it has all 12 tracks and uses UK tube cut stampers.
Summer days (and Summer Nights!!!". EMI Capitol CAPS 1023.
UK MONO re-issue from Dolby A copy tapes of entire lp.
Party! EMI Capitol EMS 1177. 1986 digitally re-mastered MONO re-issue
Pet Sounds EMI Capitol EMS 1179. 1986 digitally re-mastered equivalent of the US "Green label" version. With the exception of Wouldn't It Be Nice everything is in MONO.
A reminder: Every 'mono' Pet Sounds previously issued in the UK is a duophonic fold down. The collectors pay big bucks for it as a first issue but it sounds awful.

 The Kinks


It my surprises some people given I grew up with a stash of original PYE Kinks 45's but until recently I hadn't a single album by this most influential 60's british band never mind a compilation although I know most of their hits off by heart.
The riff from You Really Got Me is cited by many as the prototype heavy metal riff while Ray Davie's depiction of English Life shows through with songs like Waterloo Sunset and the 1983 hit Come Dancing.
This compilation has the two essential Dave Davies solo hits inserted which makes perfect thematic sense.
With that I got this 2 cd set which unlike most of the many compilations that somehow evaded my purchasing has a side of hit 45's on one side and notable flip sides and album tracks on the other making it ideal as a summary of the bands career.

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