Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Evangelion1.11 (you are NOT alone)

This release from the tail end of April on Manga recently arrived here.
It's a re-envisioning of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime from the mid 1990's by its creator Hideaki Anno but done in a cinematic form which was highly regarding for stretching the possibilities of anime as an art form.
This new version comes in four parts of which this is the first having the eight episodes of the original and then some more.
I don't generally care much for mecha as a genre but this held may attention last night as I watched it all the way through.
Shinji, a boy entrusted to fly an EVA to save the rebuilt city of Tokyo-3 from the rampaging angels is an interesting character, being a worrier and having a severe lack of confidence which is not helped by his fathers lack of affection for him.
His job is to defend Tokyo-3 or die trying
I don't own the original in the Platinum Edition that many rave over but it seemed to me they resigned in the CGI preserving the feel of the series while allowing advances in anime production since them to be used in telling the story.
I really enjoyed this.

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