Thursday, 1 July 2010

Soul Eater

A recent arrival here, I have just finished watching all 13 episodes on this two dvd anime set.
Produced by studio Bones who've given us Fullmetal Alchemist and Cowboy Be-Bop this is an innovative series that keeps you glued to the seat of your pants.

Adapted from Atsushi Okubo's Soul Eater manga, the series is set in Death City where the Death Weapons Meisters Academy (DWMA) an institution where spiritually charged students change into weapons or have the ability to wield them.
The lessons are a bit unusual in that students have to hunt down Kishin (demons that consume the souls of innocent living in order to increase their own powers) however if a student wear to defeat 99 kishin and eat their souls AND then eat the soul of an evil Witch for their 100th meal, they evolve into a Death Scythe an extremely powerful form used by Lord Death himself.
The main characters Maka and Soul are an odd couple but they kind of get along which just as well for a Meister and her weapon!
I enjoyed watching the this part of the series as we were slowly introduced to all the characters and their personalities.
Manga issued it over here as a two dvd set in a single regular case which apart from taking up less space than stand alone discs is actually cheaper (Amazon, HMV and Play were doing it for 14.99 shipped) and should encourage folk to keep with properly licensed discs.
I'd give this set 8/10.

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