Monday, 13 December 2010

Final fling

Almost ready for Christmas but there's been a few me things come in the mail recently.
First off, a short while ago the speciality reissue company Audio Fidelity put out a new version of Billy Joel's 'new wave' Glass Houses album from 1980, the one with 'It's Still Rock and Roll To Me' on it.

If you like Billy Joel as I do then you're no doubt familiar with numbers like 'All for Leyna' but what makes this so enjoyable is it hasn't had any extra narrowing of the quiet and loud passages applied to it so when those drums kick in you can tell! Plus it sounds really clear in the presence area great for Billy's voice and the percussion.The last edition of I bought was the 1998 Sony re-master which I have on Minidisc.
I really enjoyed this cd mastered by Kevin Gray and is likely to be my 'to go' version together with my Columbia Mastersounds gold cd copy of 52nd Street.
In the wait before Amazon US dispatches my copy on the same label of Phil Collin's Face Value album, I picked up a lovely sounding used UK Virgin copy of Hello,I Must Be Going album being without a cd of that album very cheaply.

I have Major's address to word up ready for next week folks!

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