Saturday, 5 March 2011


"Although I laugh and I act like a clown,
Beneath this mask I am wearing a frown".
J.Lennon&J.P McCartney MacLen Music.

Although most peoples response to this lyric is to examine it's meaning in the context of what we know of John Lennon's complex and turbulent life at wasn't my primary motivation in quoting it here.
I feel this is a universal truth in it - one that bypasses John's life and times - and it is about the way all of us present to the World which touches on more than just say fashion.
How many of us do not truthfully answer the question "How are you today", kidding people that our world is aright when it may not or at the very least from our perspective it doesn't feel that way?
And yet we express surprise even a risible sense of anger even when we found out they didn't actually know believing they didn't really care.
Why do we do this? For some there still is this shame in admitting weakness and that whole area of not being in control of ones thoughts and emotions.
For some it can be the literal sense not being able to show who they are really are become little more than in reality the puppets of their nearest and dearest because these people will not accept them as they are albeit teen Goth offspring from conservative parents or those who are facing being cut off from their families for good because of their sexuality or gender identity issues.
Unless you're in this group you may not fully appreciate the 'frown' or deep inner loathing those people may feel toward their life's and those responsible for their predicament.
Sometimes we have to honest and tell people how we really are feeling and equally some from more fortunate backgrounds need to take a step back before trotting out glib "Do this, problem solved" statements.

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