Saturday, 26 March 2011

Seamingly lost

It's probably happened to you several times in your life and I'm just calming down myself from it.
I have spend three hours trying to find my Burberry plaid purse after putting some spare change in yesterday ready for Mondays commute to work as you can guarantee if you don't have change then the bus bus driver don't either and refuses to let you ride.
So after sorting it out I thought I'd put it away in case of visitors coming but thought I'd put it either in my Hello Kitty backpack or failing that my coat pocket finding fiddling in handbags too much with my paws.
Anyway go to take a short walk to the corner stores today and could I find it? Could I heck checking every bag, coat room in the house for it so goes to the store with credit card to draw some money 0ut as I'd need some for work if nothing else. Transpires the flaming cat knocked it off of my table where it landed underneath some bookshelves right at the back where the sun don't shine!

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