Monday, 16 May 2016

Helping me control my behaviour

It's not something I go on about a lot cos for one thing this blog was never about was some of my emotional and behavioral issues which are partially linked to how frustrating I find living with the impact of my disabilities at times on the edge of total meltdown and also impart because of that response it's been a very easy for people just to give way attitudes and behaviours  that for most people would be challenged  and because of the problems I have processing things trying to deal with using say cautions don't go in getting muddled up in order plus there's a big delay before I've taken in what said so it's just leaves me messed up, emotionally switched off and mute for hours at a time.
Although it doesn't happen a lot, moderate discrete spanking rather like you used to get as a child is now something that's being used when I get to that point to break that pattern of behaviour as it's hard enough for me to get by when my behaviour can be immature and it needs to end.

It may be unconventional  but so far it is helping reduce the number of infractions and I am starting to be more responsible within my own limitations which is a good thing.

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