Thursday, 20 March 2008


Okay some of us remember this guy, eh? Tony the tiger who advertised Kelloggs Frosties (aka Frosted Flakes) a fun cereal breakfast food much loved. His most famous catch phrase devised by John E Matthews is "They’re Grreat!" He was created in 1952 by Martin Provenson, the children's book illustrator and has been seen around the world.
Here's a clip: Kellogg's Tony the Tiger The Cowboy

Thursday, 13 March 2008

A tale of Rio's on tape

This is an album I know well but in  three differing tape forms as originally issued way back in 1982.
Eight track was holding on in North America although by 1982 most new issues were only issued by mail order record clubs such as Columbia House and RCA.
This is the third version US Rio with five dance mixes substituted for the album versions used in the UK. 
That same version was issued in North America on higher quality XDR tape with improved duplication for the retail side .

This is the UK version with the blue background that wraps around the whole J Card.
The blue from the from gains stripe that go to the rear title display.
Although the British version didn't use the superior XDR process, the artwork was far superior and it used the same album mixes as the UK lp that had better sound quality.
The tape shell was white with blue screen printed titles.
In its differing forms it was an album I played to death that year.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gothic Lolita Fashion

Drawing by xxxKei87xxx
I'm very interested in Gothic Lolita fashion and this drawing shows the main features off well.