Monday, 16 January 2017

Check and replace

Seeing we're into the new year, I've been checking through my wardrobe for things that can be tossed away usually because over time they've gotten the worse for wear and given now how my life happens to be, it's all more functional stuff  a bit like rather college or school wear than high fashion.
Take my underwear for instance it's hard wearing, has a very close fit where you need it acting like draught excluders, and tends to be mainly of one colour to match my dresses and skirts. 
Seeing how some had gone I've replaced them by navy blue gym knickers which feel very snug on me and are very comfortable and unless it's really cold I tend to wear long socks rather than fashion tights which is yet another indication of the evolution of me over the time this blog started even if truthfully bits of it were always there mixed in.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Winter term

I've always had a bit of a mania for dolls to be honest stemming from childhood and if my memory happens to be correct, I have from time to time talked about some of my porcelain collectors dolls on here before I had to talk about this other side of me and since I had some more 'play' rag dolls and that.

What I'd give for set of dolls in British school uniform,eh?  Rather more than you'd  think and around now is when you'd be getting ready to return to school had you been an actual child and school is one setting I felt I belonged in to be honest. Safe, carefree, looked after.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Reflections on the last year

I am going to write a few words today about  me and this blog as things have changed quite a lot since I originally started it and I am quite sure you will of noticed I haven't been blogging as much on it as I had.
I have a different focus running in my life than a good number people, some of which has been touched on in posts here, others perhaps on other sites and social media and it is fair to say that side of me is very much the prevailing one which has it's full expression elsewhere.
When in some ways you are "younger than your years" and that's a central part of you in reality there is only limited scope for much else  and I had found in so many ways there was little really different to post on this blog to really justify the amount of time a decent blogging cycle for it.
I was finding generally the only stuff that was unique to this blog was some of my observations around social trends and odd political comment as most of my other interests were and are connected more to that younger, more child-like side of me which I can now see is where I always was.
There's a certain irony in some respects that aspects of that with the love and support of people who respect how that makes me, is helping me a good deal more in learning to be more independent and more mature by working with it where before I had felt I had to pretend to be more like others and struggling with life.
For the first time in my life I feel happy content even being more able to handle what life my throw at me because I feel so much more in control of 'the real me'  and that's what this years been all about.