Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Don Henley

The Eagles were a band who I followed in the nineteen-seventies until the ugly affairs of the Long Run tour of 1979/80 saw the the band effectively end and with remembers starting or in the case of Joe Walsh resuming solo careers.
In late 1984 Don Henley released Building The Perfect Beast on Geffen records which was the home to The Boys Of Summer, a top 5 hit, Sunset Grill and All She Wants To Do Is Dance.
In 1989, he released the Age Of Innocence album that didn't chart so  well but was acclaimed for tackling more mature themes than many in rock not least the disconnect between the governed and the governors.
Recently I was able to get these, the very best sounding versions of both titles on 24kt gold cd at an affordable price to replace my original cassette copies.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Fall edition (Tm)

Well it's that time of the year dont'cha think? Everything's going vivid before the onset of the snow.

Having recovered from a bad cold I've been out and about walking, and so took a few pictures with my digital pocket camera.

This is of a tree that's situated at the junction of our road. I had to wait a few days to get the right combination of colour change on the tree plus fairly subtle lighting to bring it out. I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the wait.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My Roxy Music collection

Current Roxy Music recordings:CD's:
For Your Pleasure EG/Virgin 1988 EGCD 8
Stranded EG/Virgin 1991 EGCD 10
Country Life EG/Virgin 1988 EGCD 16
Siren EG/Polydor 1984 823 020-2 (First issue)
Manifesto EG/Poydor 1983 800 031-2 (First issue)
Flesh and Blood 1984 Orange top EG/Polydor 800 019 -2
Avalon EG/Polydor 1983 800 032 -2 - the best there is and shares the same mastering as the WEA West Gemany for US 'Target' CD)
Compilations: Streetlife - 20 Great Hits 1986 EG/Polydor 829 136-2.
This has the best sounding Virginia Plain, Pyjamarama and Angel Eyes (single mix).

The Ultimate Collection Virgin 1988.
Includes Bryan Ferry solo material and has Hold Me the 1986 US single otherwise hard to find on CD.

In general I have to say of the earlier CD issues the Polydor 823 ***-2 series sound thin and bass light. 
This is an example of the  disc top of that series of cds:

What we gain in dynamics, sadly squashed on the HDCD's from 1999 we lose in sheer 'drive'. I find the 1988/1991 EG/Virgins to be a better balence. For the 1979/82 albums the Polydors have the edge over the 1988/1991 Virgins.

LP's. I traded many of these in during the late 1980's- didn't we all? - and so am re-stocking.
Greatest Hits Polydor UK 1977 2302 073
This is a compilation of singles and album tracks from 1972-75. Marvellous sound

Manifesto Atco/EG 1979 US SD 32-114 (GP in the deadwax)
Flesh And Blood Atco/EG 1980 US SD32-102. This cut by Robert Ludwig (RL in the deadwax) is amazing!
Avalon WEA/EG 1982 US 9 23686-1(Masterdisk in the deadwax)
The High Road WEA/EG US 1983 9 23808-1Live Mini LP Recorded in Glasgow and NOT on cd.