Friday, 27 August 2010

Well that was August 2010

Well this post was originally intend to be a review of Vampire Knight Season 1 Part one but Otaku failed to come up with my pre-ordered dvd so I've place a fresh with with Super_mart and will have to wait for it to arrive from the States.If you haven't all noticed I've made it easier for you to navigate this blog as there is now a 'label' index. Am I kind to you or what? :lol:
Finally and after one false start I have completed my set of Rock and Roll Greats cds and have made a start on a series of discs issued between 1988 and 1990 called the Hits of [insert year] on EMI's Music For Pleasure label that comprise of hits from the EMI-Capitol, United Artist and Liberty stables in any one year and many of theses old discs do sound really good and are the next best thing to having a set of the original 45's if you like a lot of the music from the 50's & 60's and include a number of tracks often missed of compilations.

In addition I ordered from Jonifan in the states the new sacd speciality re-master of the first Foreigner album issued by Mofi.

It's been a funny kind of a month, Luna became a friend at NEO as we seem to have quite a bit in common plus updated the Funimation S.A.V.E. releases list, I eventually got around to replacing the dvd drive on this computer cos it died a few weeks back and I was rendered speechless to find out about the 'secret life' a person I knew who was done for publishing and possession of indecent images of children something I feel very strongly over having worked on child abuse cases.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

London American label

In 2009 Ace Records a leading UK based speciality cd re-issue label commenced its new project the London American year by year series.

The London American label was an imprint of UK Decca Records that licensed recordings from the very many independent companies in the States and promoted them for the UK market at a time when very few US companies had UK operations of their own and the global multi-market companies we have today just didn't exist.

London American had many deals with companies such s United Artists, Liberty, Big Top, Chess and Cadence that were the home to many of the stars of the late 1950's and early 60's such as the Everly Bros, Bobby Vee, Del Shannon, Chuck Berry and Johnny and the Hurricanes who were really popular some more popular than back home in the States.

So a series like this is really valuable for giving you a taste of what the music of this era the one before the Beatles was really like and what is more they have deliberately gone for the previously unissued on cd tracks.

As a really good move they have also gotten access to the UK Decca tape vaults where the tapes used to manufacture the original 45's were stored and used them so we have the original monaural sound those who bought and collected the 45's expect which has been expertly re-mastered.

To date three titles have been issued 1960, 1961 and 1962 which came out last week landing in my mailbox on Monday.

Hear we go again rewinding to the past with this the latest instalment of ACE's London American year By Year series.

28 tracks some hits some misses that haven't been re-issued on cd from 1958 from the original UK masters.

Artists featured are Duane Eddy, The Mills Bros, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pat Boone, Chuck Berry, The Drifters and Eddie Cochrane with his Summertime Blues.

What's great about the series is there's very little duplication with other ACE London American compilations

Saturday, 14 August 2010

EGL Edition

A couple of Elegant Gothic Lolita items I quite like:
From Candy Fruit, this traditional Maids Outfit.

Metamorphose: This is available in a number of different colours, this one being the Rose Pink Gardening Teddy Dress.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

cd updates

Finally I got two albums by the theatrical art-rock group The Tubes on cd, mainly The Completion Backward Principal and Outside/Inside from 1981&1983 respectively that were re-issued by BGO Records over here many years ago (1991 I think).
They feature the hits 'Talk To You Later' and 'She's A Beauty' which was a top 10 hit in the States which I remember buying the domestic 45 of.
Coming soon and not before time is a set of discs in the 1992 Rock and Roll Hits series from UK EMI's Music For Pleasure label featuring various classic jukeboxes on the front covers.
They compile may hits of the 'Rock and Roll era' from 1955 through 1963 from the Capitol/EMI, MCA and United Artists/Liberty stable taking in Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Bobby Vee, Eddie Cochrane and the Crickets amongst many.
I bought two back then but they soon went out of print and want to complete the set.