Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Definitive Drifters

Some sounds it has to be said do take me back in time not least for much of that time I was glued pretty much to the radio listening to 'oldies' shows and then there  are some acts I recall as both oldies at the time but contemporary too and the Drifters are one. 
Let's say I've always been a fan of Ben E King's singing  and of such songs as Save The Last Dance For Me, Up On The Roof, Under The Boardwalk which was covered by both the Stones and the Undertones and Saturday Night At The Movies to thye point of borrowing various hit compilations.
Equally for me I have childhood memories that included new songs recorded for the UK market such as Kissin' In The Back Row  Of The Movies, Like Sister and Brother, There Goes My First Love and You're Than a Number In My Little Red Book still very much the same sound but with more a poppy production that I loved to bits as new songs.
That was why I bought this 2 cd compilation because it's two thirds the classic late fifties and sixties classics very well mastered and a third those UK seventies 45's all one one album in chronological order too.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Thursday, 7 February 2008


One of the first shows I watched when I had Sky Television was Rugrats which was a cartoon versioned depiction of the world of the Infant/Toddler on Nickelodeon which at the time was just single channel.
It was interesting to watch for the explorations of those infants characters passivity to dominance from extroverted to very introverted and how the group interacted with Angelica often getting the upper hand.
I bought several dvd's including the full length animations for home watching as like a good number of us, we are watching very much from a more child-like mindset, seeing parts of ourselves reflected in it.