Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Care Bears and me

One of the favourite tv shows from the mid 1980's for me was the Care Bears which had a lot tie in merchandise.
I am a girl who cares about things that happen to others be they close friends or communities miles from here, feeling their sadness, anger and pain and truly doesn't want to cause that to happen although I am also sometimes naughty too.
I'd would do almost anything to help my friends if I could  deal with their emotions and needs being prepared to share whatever I have at the time and I have 

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Sony Mastersound cds

These came out during the mid 1990's and I bought several of them as they purported to from the original mastertapes and were a bit cheaper than those issued by so-called 'audiophile' labels such as MFSL and DCC.

They were a mixed bag - I couldn't get on with the issue of Boston S/T being screechy replacing that by a regular US version - and failed to see the sense and trying to make a audiophile issue of Bat Out of Hell, an album that has lots of mixing issues whatever you might think of it musically.