Thursday, 29 May 2014

Enjoying ones music

Every so often on one site I frequent there remains a lingering thought that a substantial number of its more active users appear obsessed with the pursuit of high fidelity to the point they are no longer enjoying the music.
It's hardly an original observation as Flanders and Swann wrote the great musical satirical piece "A Song of Reproduction" very much around that in the early 1960's  where the tinkering around buildings ones own 'rig' and habitual bashing of commercial equipment was all the range.
In my experience   many people fail to get as good a sound as possible from modest equipment simply because they have not invested the time to set it up properly, using good quality leads, determining the best spot and support for their loudspeakers that move the air within the room used and so on.
Those steps that need not cost much, saving many an audio fan from spending a never ending amount on upgrading when often they've not heard all their existing equipment is capable of.
One often feels like saying, go treat yourself to a new great recording be it on record, cd or high quality download instead of spending hundreds of pounds on what turn out to be sideways changes in hardware.
One thing you soon learn with good equipment regardless of price is, recordings vary wildly in terms of their own quality to which the best good equipment can do is not make reproducing them any worse than they really are and where available, look for the best sounding recordings of your favourite artists and music. 
Unfortunately much new popular music is made much louder with less difference between the softest and loudest passages and some classical recordings have had whole passages seriously edited to perfection losing any real sense of a conductor's own character showing in how a note is performed compared to recordings in the analogue (generally pre-1980's) era so much so that many musicians seek out these older recordings because they sound more like performances with their own character.
In many ways what is sad is it's  that while the wanting to hear music well reproduced that gets people into better sound, they get locked into obsessing over hardware and their specifications so they feel obliged to spend more time thinking about that than simply playing a recording and enjoying it.
When I'm happy with my equipment, as a rule I stick with it until either I become less satisfied or it needs replacing.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Political earthquakes

He did it!
Caused a political earthquake that is in both English local Council elections making a net gain of 161 seats from only 1, second only to Labour with  17% of the popular vote.
Plus gaining 24 Seats in the European Elections with 28% of the popular vote making the Ukip party the largest UK group in the European Parliament with Labour and the Tories  at second and third.
People who supported him were called unpatriotic by Liberals, a charge so silly I refused to even consider voting for them although I have supported them nationally before now.
Suggesting overall immigration control from the EU was needed was deemed racist by people from the three main parties and supporters in the media. To me there is a difference in believing in the right of freedom of movement across the EU and setting some practical limits of the same. Most countries around the World do.
Candidates had there every email, tweet and blog scrutinized, not that sometimes they may of made a questionable comment but no more than many from the other parties and they were dealt with (and rightly so).
Somehow I feel things will never be the same and actually I'm glad the political mould has been shaken up a bit.
It was good to see although Pro-Russian separatists had tried to halt the vote for the Ukraine President going so far as to prevent polling stations opening and destroying ballot boxes (such good Democrats,eh) the popular vote was resolved by a man who wanted closer links to the west but who did understand concerns emphatically.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Just a few days to go

A few days before the grand politics day and things sure are hotting up as each party tries hard aided by their press supporters to dig up some dirty or proof of  saying one thing while personally doing quite the other.
What concerns me more is Apathy could well be in the winning lead as people just switch off  from accusation to counter accusation and that some of the material produced for the televised election broadcasts have come over as really rather poorly executed satire failing to get over what it is I and several million others should know before I consider giving you my vote.
For me, any group of people who don't have a clear plan to simplify the role and governance of the institutions of the European Union fail simply because as it has gotten bigger like any organization it needs to change, (something very belatedly the Co-operative Group in the UK have come to realize) sort out what is its core roles, put an end to the Strasbourg shuffle every month for a week and when it is clear a member state isn't happy with how it does things work with to have good trading terms outside of it.
It must be frustrating to many members to have people who just don't appear to share it's principals trying to stay in by opting out. 

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rocks off

Gawd I feel tired this morning even though I woke up early

This is for some of my  friends who are meeting up to socialize and raid the record stores  in one state in the North Eastern United States this weekend. The crates per store I've seen are just amazing!
Meanwhile I'm doing an audit of those of mine and my little friends looking at duplicates as well as anything we just bought and maybe never played while I get better following this weeks problem.

Friday, 2 May 2014

May edition

Recent events have caused me to recall what was a fixture of this time of year when I was growing up, the annual May Day Parade, sometimes broadcast live from Moscow.
The event itself divided me in that as spectacular, it never failed to deliver from the marching of the military, the split second synchronization of the young adults  who did gymnastic events and procession of armoury to Red Square. On the other hand the political repression, the subverting of much of Eastern Europe  to it's economic and military requirements  and so on was something I found disagreeable as much as the general idea of treating people as equals and providing free education, health and social care is something I supported strongly.