Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Cute fashion

You might ask about fashion because it is a good while since I blogged around that which isn't entirely unconnected with the changes I have been going through recently and that I'm trying to deal with on this blog.
This is more like the kind of thing I like rather more than more obviously for older people  fashions liking pastels and pleated skirts a lot. I'm not much for anything below the knee when it comes to skirt lengths.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Typing anew

Here at That Boarding School Girl, I am slowly getting used to working with the Chromebook mentioned on the other blog which isn't what I use here normally but is very handy for quickly checking and posting on various sites.
It's also very quick for posting blogs on although it cannot by design run full blown programs only apps that run through the Chrome Browser.
Because much of my bigger side does things like copy cds to digital files, buys files from places like iTunes plus works with pictures from my digital camera I do have a bit of a need for my Windows Laptop although to be honest a good 95% of what I do can be done at least as well on that Chromebook.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Pastel recovery

After all that Brexit discourse, I honestly don't feel up to dealing with the cynicism, grandstanding and hate that seems to just invaded grown up spaces where even families are no longer talking to each other.
I'd rather people left that and focused more on what we are all in need of right now, not least those of us with learning disabilities, putting more into how we can make each other feel better, having better lives and be more caring.
I feel the need to love and be loved much more right now.