Monday, 27 December 2010

Boxing Day Edition

Well it's Boxing Day Monday and I seem to have what some call the flu but never mind that will be dealt with on my terms.
I may add to this - don't know yet - but I guess the first things to say is as much as I have missed the company of other this year sadly, I had a enjoyable Christmas with freinds and people I know in the community here. It was minus 5Degrees outside !
The second is I decided around the time of the last post was I was going to open up and watch some anime sets I bought intending to view but during thru and immediately afterward my Uncles death I never felt up to.
I started off with Meoyo Ken which is a shortish Magical Girl series featuring monsters that disturb the balance of the community, a team that tracks down unlicensed monsters (the magical girls), a boy for added romantic interest with his pet monster cat and a few cat girls engaged in a battle.
Wildly funny in the best shoujo traditions with lots of in-jokes it brought a smile to my face.
Somewhat longer and more deeper intellectually I tackled Mushi-Shi which really a set of adventures narrated through Genki, a Mushi Meister about Mushi - primitive lifeforms - that have the potential for life and who live off the life that humans depend upon even to the point of taking human form. In many respects it touches on the need for man to understand all his environment, to recognize the difference between a liking of something and constitutes a danger to him and to learn to live with the whole natural world.
I had some money, vouchers a dvd and a recording of Anne-Sophie Mutter playing the Brahms Violin Concerts for Christmas all of which will come in handy for when the roads clear and it's possible to travel into town as the snow melts.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Edition 2010

More like it, eh? If Moomin was better behaved my tree could be that big!
Anyways, Christmas apart from its' spiritual significance to some of us is a time we use to is catch up with other people and maybe give thanks for those whose company we have enjoyed the previous 12 months.
I'd start of by thanking Dani and Feather in the Wind for sticking with me during the ups and sadly the downs emotionally this year when I just didn't really feel up to sending emails or posting at various places. You two mean a lot to me.
Thanks also to the Weird People of CR who managed to keep my sense of humour up on the darkest of days and the legendary Nisa.The rambling craziness really helped.
The crazy sharing music lovers of the Boneyard for the company, musical tips and the Music. Shh did we say that? Not forgetting Neo Forums for the cool anime and the great Luna Rain online buddy and cosplayer.
Also thanks for the Angelic Ones (tm) for being around and Sophie's one of a kind girl talk threads there. She's unique you know!

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas and a Cool Yule.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Raves from the grave!

Well I have eventually started to tackle the question of what to do about tracks I really liked from my mix tapes back in the 80's that I don't have either cds or even vinyl copies of cos I was skint at the time. They were tapped straight off of the radio on my Pioneer GhettoBlaster - a big somewhat expensive stereo radio cassette recorder that handled all sorts of tapes and had dolby to cut tape hiss for good measure.
I have decided to chase them on various music download sites and in time to group them in files.

So far I have gotten:
Billy Satellite: Satisfy Me Aug 84
Ratt: Round and Round July 84
Night Ranger Sister Christian June 84
Dwight Twilly Band: Girls April 84
Twisted Sister: We're Not Gonna take It '83)
Twisted Sister: I Am (I'm Me) (UK April 83)
Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock (84)
Twisted Sister: Stay Hungry (84)
Twisted Sister: Leader Of The Pack
Twisted Sister: Come Out and Play

Friday, 17 December 2010

Almost there

Just days before the BIG Day so we're decorating the tree. Sounds pretty crazy I know but I just love getting out the tinsel, angels and decorating the tree. Mines half a tree cos that Moomin would climb up it if it was a floor mounted model so I have to mount it on the wall!

Don't you just love the colours of the baubles .

Just going to type up the Christmas message on Daytime Office Girl Crisis so if like to see it be sure to pay a visit.
Regards Caroline.

Friday, 10 December 2010


Not that long the big day, eh and you might be thinking about what you get somebody but this is something really nice at Botccia any woman would love
They're handmade from Sterling silver, rose gold plated, dainty little stud earrings with post and butterfly fixings

In 9 carat yellow gold with crystals set in them the rabbit design is just adorable and has a stud type fastening.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Party time!

Well it's that time of year when my colleagues assist me at our Christmas Office Dinner which was held in Weaverham, Cheshire.
Typically on the day I'd normally be off we had an emergency client who needed to be seen with us being shut in the afternoon couldn't be left. Muggings here got the short straw!
Fortunately the roads had been well gritted - there's no excuse as our town produces the rocksalt - so notwithstanding the freezing icy weather it was safe to venture out.
I had the Fan of Melon with berries although you could have paté or soup of the day as a starter.
As main courses go there was a vegetarian option although I opted for the carvery with a choice of potatoes, peas, carrots and a large batter thing they call in England 'Yorkshire Pudding'.
I had the Turkey which was well cooked but moist with cranberry sauce.
For the desert I opted for Ice cream which came with a fruit salad
This was finished off with coffee or tea with after eight mints.
Afterwards we had a general knowledge quiz that our table lost on although I provided a high proportion of the right answers and various certificates for courses were handed out.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Let it snow, let it snow!

Yay! It's been snowing for two whole days over here and so far we've had just over an inch and a half - that's about 4 centimetres in new money - land in on our Estate.
The high school kids had today off as apparently their school bus couldn't leave its' depot to collect them and take them to the premises even though the local Primary school was open for business.
Sometimes you think this whole big thing as in big high schools, one big store and that isn't such a great idea when it comes to keeping a community on the move.
My mailman got through here okay and delivered the second instalment of Hip-O Selects Smokey Robinsons remasters series tackling the groundbreaking Quiet Storm and Smokey's Family Robinson albums with sleeve notes by Peter Doggett, Motown authority and writer to Record Collector magazine in England.
I have gotten the download from 7Digital of Progress the Take That reunion album reuniting Robbie Williams with the band, whose fortunes I followed since 1992 and the Take That and Party album which should keep me entertained.
As I wasn't moving today I watched the whole of Part three of the anime Soul Eater which I enjoyed although fight animes don't usually do it for me, cos the characters in this Studio Bones production have a lot of depth. Also I have ordered Vampire Knight 3 from Supermart which all being well will be with me in a couple of weeks time.