Sunday, 31 January 2010


Well wouldn't you know it it's back to winter and the snow today?
Well time to talk skin care eh?
I use Simple's light moisturizer available from drugstores like Boots as I've sensitive skin. Because it's free from fragrances and harsh ingredients it doesn't irritate me but it has stuff in their to repair my skin from such things as the weather and the Big Grinder (aka the shaver!) leaving the face feeling much smoother.
I also keep some Atrexia cream on me in the Kitty Bag for my hands although I use a bit on my legs after doing them.
What you use is pretty much your choice here but I think it's worth saying using some does pay dividends in terms of your appearance and how you feel about you.
God know enough of us have issues around that so we might as well make better those aspects we can.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


I've always had a soft spot for the Pink Floyd but most of my albums went by the late 80's. Recently Todber (Dan) let me have this the Canadian copy (Harvest/Capitol SMAS 832) for free as it needed a bit of a clean and he had 3 other copies of this title ready to sell.
This copy uses American stampers with JAM "Mastered By Capitol" and while not being quite as open as say a good UK pressing, is pretty good actually with impressive bass. Canadian vinyl is very quiet because they use better quality materials compared to that in the States.
I'd play grade the first side VG+ as there are a small number of minor scuff marks that leave the odd 'pop' during One Of These Days while side two is EX (I'm using Goldmine grading)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

In the pink.

This is hardly the most dazzling item of fashion ever but I'd consider it a staple so I bought this crew neck t shirt recently which can be wear as is (anyone noticed the large number of pink t shirts for 'bob' too? ) or under a jumper/sweatshirt.

Also I recently bought this mini skirt from Death kitty. The Camilla net has a base of Pink netting with a black upper layer.
It's probably no secret to the 'Angelic Folk' that I like short skirts - the Avatar is a bit telling - and I just love this which can be worn with tights or over the knee socks.

Just the thing for the office party with a few accessories this Sophie Gray sleeveless dress is ideal and available from BHS in black and purple.

Sophie Gray Ottoman Dress 

  • 72% polyester 28% viscose
  • Lining 100% polyester
  • Machine washable
  • Centre back length 92cm/36" 

Friday, 22 January 2010

The Doobie Bros on Mofi

Recently one of Americas greatest rock bands from the 70's The Doobie Brothers had a couple of their albums re-issued as a hybrid SACD and regular cd layered disc by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs (Mofi) in Chicago USA.They are playable on all machines.

This title first released in 1972 features the tracks Jesus Is Just Alright, Rockin' Down Highway and Listen To The Music perhaps the best example ever of FM rock from the 70's with smooth vocals and first class musicianship this side of Steely Dan.

This album issued March 1973 is a long term favourite of mine having gone through 8 track tape, record (West German pressing) and the regular CD issued in the 90's.
It's an eclectic mix of hard rock, folk and soul that somehow just gels together seamlessly.Some even say it's their best studio album ever.
Amongst the eleven tracks it contains, Without You, China Grove and Long Train Running are the stand outs.

Presentation wise Mofi have gone for a mini lp style replicating much of the look of the original lp sleeves, put in a soft cd sleeve to keep it clean and the card sleeve is very tactile.
As for sound frankly I haven't heard these albums sound better in decades thanks to Rob LeVerde's work on carefully transferring the original analogue tapes to digital with very little noise and no digital glare or harshness creeping in.Strongly recommended.

Taking It To The Streets was originally issued in 1976 and this version came out in May 2010 on Mofi sounding bolder than ever although unlike the 2006 JPN edition it only has monochrome pictures for the gatefold.

In 2013 Stampede originally issued in 1975 was released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and interestingly the original CD4 discrete quadraphonic mixes issues for all four albums have never had a commercial release not withstanding HD media such as sacd and dvd/blu-ray Audio have the capability and the capacity for it.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010


USB sticks. Don'tcha just love them?
Well I did but one drove me crazy last night as the model concerned a 4GB HP branded one corrupted an entire picture album and about 12 others which would of been annoying enough but when you put a lot of time into making the photo opportunity happen is really meh!
What made things more worrying was I'd deleted the pictures on the camera- an aged Pentax 230 that while not as well specified as my Canon Powershot470 does offer a flip to the front display and more intuitive access for the self timer - so that days shot was potentially lost.
Luckily Jess answered a request for practical help suggesting using a recovery program for the cameras CF card (things are not so much deleted permanently as made inaccessible) and putting that on the computer. Eventually I managed it.
All I have to do now is load a newer version of Photosuite (V5) onto the PC as the C:My Documents and Folders photoshop master album has become corrupted and says it won't save although you can save to and from the desktop. And as it said as Photoshop 4 SE existed it wouldn't let me re-install the program from disc!
I'll get a San Disk replacement USB stick later on.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mini me!

A recent arrival in my wardrobe is this lovely
Death Skull mini skirt from Death Kitty. Those fortunate to see my other blogs may get a glimpse of me wearing it soon....
I just love it.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Slayers Try 4

Just out is the very last installment of Slayers Try from 1997 as issued by MVM in the UK.
A gateway from another dimension is opened after the final spell is cast. From this world Dark Star, a god like being is born taking the shape of a bitter enemy.

The episodes start with the question can Lina Inverse prevent him from destroying the world and is answered by the final one not without the usual slapstick humour that is at the core of the Slayers anime.

Good fun to watch!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Absolutly socking, old bean!

During the recently snowy patch I went out shopping as work had called advising not to turn in as they'd shut down.

I have issues about being out in the winter following a childhood accident and in an attempt to deal with that I gritted my teeth and went out.
While at British Home Stores who have branches in most UK cities I spotted these really cute ankle socks that were on special offer.
They're ideal for trousers or longish skirts.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Death Kitty

Let's be plain here. I just love Goth styles and Death Kitty who not only are based in London, England but actual make it there produce a great range.
From it I've selected this, their Cherry Dress available in small/medium and medium/large sizes.
Photo courtesy of Death Kitty.
Death Kitty

Amongst other places like your local Goth Emporiums these people on Ebay are Death Kitty stockists
Black Prince Clothing

Sunday, 3 January 2010


I've always liked Kansas but the majority of their albums I had were on tape so I was mighty glad to get this cd set recently.
Beginning in the 70s from their hometown of Topeka, Kansas, the group produced a wild mix of rock anthems, introspective ballads, and loose jams on their studio albums.
Many of you have heard of "Carry On Wayward Son" on Classic Rock radio stations throughout Canada and the rest of the World which was a smash hit for the group back in '76. Well that's from an album called Leftoverture that happens to part of this extremely cheap 5 cd set."Dust in the Wind" (off the featured '77's Point of Know Return album) is hardly indicative of the full-bodied, keyboard-and-violin-fuelled anthems that grace most of their albums.
Why not take a chance on this group with an unique sound and buy this set. The albums included are:-
Kansas (S/T)
Song For America
Point of Know Return
The discs are the Sony Legacy remasters from the 2000's that happen to sound extremely good to my ears and I'm something of a fussbudget about these things.

I also got the US older mastered version of Monolith from 1979 featuring the hit People of the SouthWind and the 1996 re-master of Audio-Vision which had the hit Hold On.

I first bought this as a lp record in August 1983 and following a selling off period in the late 80's while I was trying to build up my cd collection, I have been without a copy!
This was a pity as it was a enjoyable album the Prog rockers when John Elefante joined the band taking lead vocals.
It came out briefly on cd in 1996 but is out of print commanding a very high price a bit more than I can justify but by a struck of luck 7Digital had it available as a download so having installed the download manager and read the instructions, I bought the album download.
The song Mainstream takes a pot shot at the label people who stifle artistic development and Fight Fire With fire is a up tempo rocker.
YouTube - Kansas - Fight Fire with Fire

I also got the download of Vinyl Confessions the 1982 album with the hits Play The Game Tonight and Play On as this cd is also no longer available even though it was only issued in 1996.

7Digitals downloads:

Unlike some downloads 7Digital allow you to put them on whatever you want as many times a you like without restrictions. They come in Mp3 format that plays on practically all players and pc media players. The bit rate is either 256kbps or 320kbps CBR (Constant Bit Rate to reduce the file size) The download manager is available for Mac and Windows but Linus users can use the Zip file option
I have to be honest here and say I don't particular like Mp3 as a file format as it squashes the soundstage compared to lossless formats like Flac although it is popular for portable usage because it doesn't use much memory capacity on players.
Within the file formats restrictions it sounded tidy with good detail which was aided by the bit rate.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Diamond Daydreams

Well this was a dvd that I always wanted to get but wasn't able until now as it not issued over here and the individual imported discs were quite expensive.Based on a story by Ohji Hiroi, this is a collection of tales about six woman in the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido telling of their trials of love, loss and life.

Meet the women:
A hard working, fun loving woman who tries not to let life get too complicated discovers an approaching arranged marriage to a self centred Hotelier. Another man mature and passionate becomes a part of her life too and she torn between them.She has to battle between wanting the comfort of firm stability and the pain of a wanting heart.
She is very ill and her Physician doesn't seem to doing much for her either medically or emotionally being cocky and aloof to her needs.The only thing that keeps her going is her Blog on the Internet as only there does she find some warmth and sanity in her cold confined state.In time her blog develops a following that leads to her meeting a new friend that is kind and caring. She feels this is the one she's been longing for however when she mets him face to face things aren't what they seem.
She's an aspiring young filmmaker to whom creating compelling stories and capturing them in an engaging way is her only goal in life.Passionate about this she will stop at nothing to make it happen, spending the college days obsessed with her craft and neglecting all else around her. As her unbridled passion for directing grows the rift between her, colleagues and friends widens. It seems by focusing on her craft she's lost the her touch with the intimacy of her world that a true master of the cinema needs to draw their inspiration.
You could say she was born to be on the ice commanding her skates to glide using her grace and strength with a delicate ease. In her childhood she with her friend Hanna often dreamed of winning skating tournaments and sharing medals when they grew up.This is well in past now and her star has faded as has her friendship with Hanna. Life indeed has moved on.
Suomi senses an opportunity to perform again but she is engulfed by a flood of memories taking her back to her humble beginnings, her once beautiful friend, Hanna and to a promise made long ago.
She's a radio presenter doing an agony aunt style show which is very successful, is held in high regard by her listeners and indeed you could say she really couldn't ask for a better job.
We learn that she is having an affair with a married man and this relationship already shaky grows further so, she's forced ask herself some very importantly and emotionally painful questions.
Ever since the death of her mother she's lives alone with her father. She works during the day at the local confectionery and while not there does household chores and takes care of her father.
Her father is an unsuccessful gold digger,.
To make things worse he is a drunk, spending the majority of his time and Akari's money at the bar at the end of their street where every night he gets into fights after drinking a lot resulting in him being kicked out.
Faithfully Akari picks him up and takes him home putting him to bed.
You'd think it could not get any worse but when Akari find out about her fathers illness it does.

Presentation: This is on 3 dvd's in slimcases inside a slipcase so it takes up the same space as a regular dvd and is Region 1 (many players can be made all region).

Suomi eats a cream bun