Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Smoking in public places

It's not something I talk about  a lot but I have a strong memory of being brought up with smoking cigarettes as many including my Grandad did, collecting as was the want back then such things as the cards issued with them with illustrations and brief factual information on various subjects.
A number of school friends also smoked from their mid teens although I didn't probably because my best friend had told me straight if she caught me smoking, by the time she'd finished with me I wouldn't be able to sit down for a week and I had no cause from the past to doubt her.
But nonetheless smoking continued in my family, in the workplace although rules were being brought in to control it and in very many public places before a major prohibitive act was introduced that among many things lead to the banning of smoking in places you eat, drink or waited for public transportation.
This was meant to apply to places such as Hospitals too although in practice it was banned only within the buildings as attempts to extend it to grounds failed because patients, staff and visitors who do smoke, still did.
Today though NICE (the health and drug regulator) are issuing new guidance that will require them to prohibit it from the grounds too, removing smokers shelters and ashtrays on the basis that they feel something that causes many illness and even can lead to  death should not be condoned by the Health Service.
I don't apologize for not smoking and certainly don't advocate smoking, however I do feel the need to object because for one thing the product is legal with tax revenue being used to part fund the Health Service (its Socialized) and unlike many places one doesn't necessarily actively choose to be there.
Smoking is an addiction - there I used the 'A' word - and people in times of high stress are likely to require that craving such as coming to see a seriously ill or dying relative or a staff member that has tried and failed to resuscitate a patient. They are highly likely to be really stressed that the slightest thing could result in them lashing out of their character if denied the chance to unwind with a smoke. 
I feel strongly that to deny them this right away from patients at such times is inhumane, lacking compassion and has the potential to put staff at risk from abuse (not that abuse is justified).

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Leave or stay?

This has been popular caption on one social media site for a few weeks now, deservedly so in my opinion for it addresses something all of us have experienced in our online existence and sadly in so-called real life.
While the area some situations that can only really be dealt with by leaving, the majority usually revolve around misunderstandings between people or perhaps one or more of you holding very narrow points of view rejecting outright the possibility nay they probability that another could be valid too.
Surprisingly most people are reasonable and are prepared to work through such things.
You do have a choice in how you handle these things so why not try to work matters out between yourselves first especially when people in middle may get hurt by your just taking umbrage in a fiery temper, slamming the door shut? 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Canalside stroll

Rather chilly but bright start to the day that sent my mind hurdling back toward Summer where I loved walking along the local Inland Waterway, taking in the scene and chatting away to people visitors and locals alike.
Although the area has become built up over the years, there remains a peaceful feel I find therapeutic especially along the areas adjoining farmland .

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Boom edition

Today I'll be keeping the cat under control as being Guy Fawkes  Night no doubt  they will be a lot of fireworks exploding not just the organized ones such at our local Public House but also from neighbours.
One just hopes the emergency services aren't called out too much tonight with bonfires out of control and stray fireworks land on people or buildings.