Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas with me means being with my folks and despite some grandstanding and outright unco-operative behavior from one sibling, we went out for Christmas day lunch as Mom doesn't wish to cook on Christmas Day, not that I'd blame her at all to be honest.
Like if you've cooked for much of the other 365 days don'tcha deserve a break from it?
We went to a public house in our Village, that's part of  a large Midland brewery group early but as it happened, they were a little late to be seated at our table overlooking the Canal and  subsidence prone Country Park.
After drinks most of our group had starters except for myself and I had a Turkey Roast for the main course that came with loads of rich tasting Turkey with vegetables such as honey roasted parsnips and Cranberry sauce.
We had been forewarned a day before one of the Desert options was MIA  so some re-ordering would be needed but they'd be plenty of the other options so I ended up with Christmas Pudding although Eton Mess as an option. Thankfully the one sibling who usually kicks of at the slightest thing didn't as my other brother was prepared to shut him down in ten seconds if needed this time.
Mom and I don't need his antics.
When it comes to presents, I had a dvd, some replacement record inner sleeves, another copy of the Beatles' Abbey Road  lp(it's enroute as we speak), some money and vouchers.
All said, the day went well.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas edition

Just finished wrapping the last present and taking cards around to folks so...
Happy Christmas Folks!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Just a pawfect day

It's all about me again and you know what? This blog owner bought a lead so her Pentax camera could be plugged into the new Netbook and nothing happened cos there's no  driver thingy that's safe for it using Windows 7. Might as well of bought me one for what good it was so it back to using a USB card reader whose driver was recognized!
That's my seat, snug up to the radiator for the best warm seat in the house and my very own mat, except for when they use it as a dumping ground (tm).
Among my specialties is eating toast, trying to paw my way into the oven door and getting into cardboard boxes with bubble wrap!
They don't have any equipment I can jump on for a quick warm so I hop on the radiator but at least I get my fur dried and free mice pies. 
Regards Marmalade

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tidying up edition

Here I have been a bit busy tidying things up a bit and going through some older clothes that I'm just not wearing and giving some thought as to their replacements.
Well, I've always had a thing for Tartan going back to my mid teens and from time to time bought the odd Tartan skirt but I spotted this Green one recently going for a song.
It's by Jessica Reid, made here in the UK, is very well made with a built in lining and a belt loop.
The length of 27 inches is quite flattering  lending itself to more formal occasions and when it arrived it fitted perfectly. Perhaps it's perfect for wearing during Christmas?

Friday, 5 December 2014

The Christmas build up

Slowly getting set toward Christmas here delivering the final community magazine of the year here featuring that winter perennial, the red breasted Robin after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Gawd, you should of seen the carnage as  people though each other not merely to get to those heavily discounted ticket items but even from each other as they were in their hands or trolleys with the police having to be called out  as order clearly had broken down.
Scores of people injured, some with legs kicked from underneath them to gain possession of said items others from items being pulled so furiously that they landed atop of them while security person in some instances only two for the whole store were powerless to stop it.
Where did our humanity go that day?
I decided to give it a miss not least with my health and disabilities It would be highly likely I'd be in the the casualties being less than stable on my feet ordinarily.
We did get on the Saturday, a small outdoor Christmas tree and some low voltage lights to decorate it with as normally we only have a half artificial tree over a metre high as the cat would climb up a traditional ground level one if not attack the burbles and tinsel!
Usually I prefer to get stuff in dribs and drabs across the week to avoid the weekend rush and that includes presents although for somethings at least the Internet is my default choice as if it is something may need to ordered with a return visit to collect I might as well cut out that step and be done.