Thursday, 28 May 2015


Well this week was a bit better overall with the weather so I did get some photography done on Tuesday and just have to finish the roll off ready for developing which given there isn't a local to me lab will involve mailing to Fuji's UK lab in Lancashire.
When we had a local Jessops in dreary post heavy industrial Stoke on Trent, although they didn't have a mini-lab, they had Monday Through Saturday deliveries from Jessops own national lab and often the turn around was 36 to 48 hours which was convenient, they stocked film and camera gear being part of huge Leicester based photo chain so I'd drop them off, do some shopping in the City Centre and return in a couple of days time, picking them up and buying stuff from the store.  Simples.
In 2015 life ain't like that as only few stores survive following  going into Administration a few years back and ours isn't one of them. 
Equally the local branch of a well known Nottingham based Chemist no longer offers a store based development service and not even sure if Welsby's, a independent small photo store in my town do any longer.
So it's gonna take time to see the results but I really enjoyed using my film based photographic equipment

Thursday, 21 May 2015

You ain't goin' nowhere

Some week this turned to be.

I had planned to get some photography done this week but all we had is heavy persistent rain coupled with gloom which really isn't conducive toward it at all and I'm not that keen on still life photography, like pictures of models, coins and so on although I understand some love it.
As good as it got was testing out this Tamron Adaptall 300mm longish telephoto that was supposed to have been mounted to the ancient M42 screw fitting but came ready mounted for Olympus OM so I have a spare mount now as I'd bought one of my own to fit!
For what I paid for it it's an absolute bargain as the marque version sells for 4 times or more from what I'd paid for it, which only is slightly faster than this weighs 1.1 kilograms!
That kind of weight is something you'd sure know you're carrying in your camera bag!!!
The other side  of this weather is having to rub down Marmalade as he comes in from his outdoor escapades with towel demanding yet more food and the prime spot in front of the gas fire.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Pre flyte check

After all the drama following the Election, I decided to get back to doing something more agreeable namely sorting out my camera equipment.
One of the first thing I do is check on the condition of the button cell batteries used in the Camera body and replace if I'm in any doubt as to how much power is left in them and then check the camera's shutter fires up properly as sometimes the magnets used to control it seize up.
I then take a lens and check that the cameras meter is reading the light correctly selecting a appropriate shutter speed for the aperture setting on the lens.
If that's okay, I spend some time carefully cleaning with lens paper, every lens and filter so there is no 'filmy' build up on the front and rear of the lens so image will be as clear as possible.
It also gives me the chance to check the lens operates smoothly and no lens has gone Awl since I last used it.
Talking about lenses I did buy a longish telephoto lens as I noticed I was lacking a 300mm one that is useful for wildlife, sport and scenic pictures so I picked a older but good Tamron one and a mount to use it on my camera.
I think I now have enough lenses to cover my photographic needs. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Errol Brown

As a long time lover of soul music I was saddened yesterday to hear of the death at the age of  Errol Brown, the lead singer of the British group, Hot Chocolate  who first recorded for RAK Records in 1970 with Herman's Hermits of all people!
Such hits as Emma, You Sexy Thing, Everyone's a Winner and It started With a Kiss were staples of mine growing up, showing how British soul talent could equal that of the United States and be different.
R.I.P Errol.