Wednesday, 28 February 2007


For a variety of reasons life lived not 'at home' but rather in the Dorm of a boarding school was the one setting I felt safe, secure and cherished as a child providing me with what I actually needed.
Some people might think being away from home is odd but to me my school was a ready made family who did try to look after me, an authority whose rules I learned to confirm and in time see the wisdom of  and a place where fair play was expected and received.
It's hardly surprising then I am "That Boarding School Girl" and this is what my blog is called because in my regression, that school and this schoolgirl is where I am at.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


I have an interest Loita fashion.
This is a very good example of "Sweet Lolita"

Thursday, 1 February 2007

What a waist!

A certain person I know is always on to me about corsets and what they can do for your figure, making the most of your curves and maybe helping you back into the bargain (My back has issues!).
Here's a inexpensive example currently available from the Bandicoot Boutique available in size 8 thru' 14 with hook fastenings at the front -no bad thing for someone as unco-ordinated as I -with a width of 8 inches and the waist stretching from 26 through 32 inches.
It is available in Red, White and Black that will go with most outfits.