About this blog

That Boarding School Girl  is a  blog that pays homage to and is inspired by my past as and in many ways still a boarding school girl that also mixes an element of shoujo manga inspiration covering such interests as music, vacationing, anime and photography going back to 2006 which was shared with another contributor.  I myself have added entries around fashion, cute stuff and technology that's less 'boys toys'.
Stylistically it has entries focused on single topics to aid readability and also to allow for any topic updates to be added.
I have added an Index system to the right hand side of the posts to enable you to select the type of post you're looking for much easier.
This blog is updated by myself, Caroline (I use my middle name) with the last major change being the retitling of it necessary because of how my life has changed since its creation way back in 2006 and the peace I've needed to find within myself as a middle and with you readers of the blog during that period.
It has had two previous titles the last from when several years back around 2009 if my memory is right when it had the title Daytime Office Girl Crisis that reflected my life then, working although as most of you know my middle side was out even then here.
I also have tidied up a few older entries so if you were looking for one that isn't at a bookmark you had it's still there but put carefully in a related post to make it easier to follow sometimes with an update too.
Those in my circles at a social network get automatic updates sent to your streams to better alert you to a good read.
 I have Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, learning disabilities and was severally injured through an industrial accident that left me for period totally dependent on others for dressing and eating.This badly damaged my lower arms, tendons and wrists as well as my neck.
I'm a little better now but have limited grip so have to balance usage to avoid periods of great discomfort or lack of function and trying to live my life independently to the full.  My friends help me with stuff and when we go out to socialize together carrying stuff and cutting up difficult food stuffs.