Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Beatles VI - my favourite all time beatles album

Beatles VI

This is my favourite Beatles album of all time and I am so pleased it is being issued on CD next week in ‘The Capitol albums Vol: 2’.
It was issued in June 1965 in North America and other territories outside of the UK.
It features the US Number 1 hit single ‘Eight Day’s A Week’ coupled with it’s ‘b’ side ‘I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party’.
It has two tracks especially recorded for this album in England by Larry Williams ‘Dizzy Miss Lizzie’ and ‘Bad Boy’.
This also is the home of the excellent Lennon and McCartney composition ‘Yes It Is’ which was not issued on a studio album in the UK.
A notable cover version on this album is the Buddy Holly number ‘Words Of Love’.
The Catalogue number is Capitol ST2358 and was also issued on Eight Track (8xt 2358) and Cassette (4xt 2358).
My copy is the Canadian capitol ‘rainbow rim’ from the early 1980’s.

Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Remake, remodel

This week I received an invite to blog on the social media site Friends Reunited which I joined late last year but to be honest compared to this, it isn't as good when it comes putting images up or the choice of fonts.

I've been remaking my selection of Beatles albums I copied from the records on Minidisc since originally compiling them way back in 1997 on individual minidiscs, painstakingly splitting up each lp side into individual tracks and the titling up each one so with a  flick of the dial, I can move to and instantly see the track I've selected in a way that's more convenient than just playing the record.
It also helps that said discs are very portable so I can take with me on the commute to work or when I go away with a small fold down pair of headphones. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2006

From the heart

Following on a bit from last weeks post there is something I'd like to talk about that is a bit a painful about things like age and that as it applies to me.
It doesn't matter how many birthdays I may happen to have or how that that may on paper make me, by conventional  standards I have not really moved into what some might call adulthood and in some respects at least aspects of my behavior may appear to be immature.

In lots of ways I have more in common emotionally and that with mid teens which no amount of masking can really cover so sometimes people find themselves dealing more with a kid-adult because of how events in my childhood have left me.
Sometimes I do wonder what would happen if people would treat me more like a child of that age as in some respects I do feel having that kind of oversight and even rules is really better for me as I can cope better with it, achieving more.

Wednesday, 8 March 2006

Birthday edition

It was recently my birthday so apart from having a number of cards I had some money to put toward the upcoming 1965 Beatles Capitol Albums box set as ever since I was a teen, they've been my favourite group and this set has the albums I had back then and for some more blank minidiscs for my recorder.

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

My first post

After considering about having one having now got always on broadband unlike last year, I've finally got around to having a blog.

Things about me:

* I work
* Don't feel old
* I do like music, reading magazines and websites about artists and recordings
* Am addicted to cute things
*Think Anime is the best form of animation, ever
* Feel having a laugh and a joke matters.