Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Trends Spring 2012

If you were to believe the fashion writers the world is going zest yellow and mint this season which is fine but let's be honest here it doesn't suit all of us and I know personally speaking I look dreadful in yellow.
One thing in at Topshop did take my eye though and it's this striped mint sleeveless dress. There's a lot of kitten in that I just adore.

Staying with mint do a Prom dress and Court shoes can be had at

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

London fashion week

Well the week has started with the first shows having taken place Monday and yesterday as well as a visit to No10 to help publicize this important money spinner for the UK economy.
The colourful products shown on the picture above are by the designer Meadham Kirchoff as exhibited yesterday but apart from the motif on the red one to the far left what stuck me about the models was the accessories such as those beads.
The really define the shoulders on the model and in conjunction with the alternating colours on the eyebrows pulls the attention back on the face.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Classical additions

It's a very long time ago actually it would of been in my late teens actually that I first heard anything by Bruckner as his music wasn't what I'd call programmed at school in the way that say Dvorak was.
I bought a few lps on the old Vox/Turnabout label that Decca distributed at the time but when in the late 80's I was moving after a period mixing tape with lps to cd exclusively this discs left my house.
I had been on the look out for an affordable set of his symphonies for some time and following some discussion on a forum, I thought I'd look this set up.
Recorded around the late 1970's/Early 80's for RCA this set met the bill with very few reservations by music critics to each performance by the Koln National Radio Orchestra in Germany by Wand who is one the best interpreters of Bruckner ever.
The discs and there are 9 come in card sleeves but unfortunately no notes so you'll have pull a book of the shelf or visit Wikipedia for some ideas about what was written when encased in a cardboard box which has the disc breakdown on the reverse.
Having played a few I feel this is a great starter set allowing you to hear without too much idiosyncratic ways what Bruckner could hear and is very well recorded with realistic acoustics.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Save Model Sanctuary

Recently Jade Parfitt, pictured called for the Model Sanctuary a respite centre set up in 2008 to provide advice and access to nutritionists and psychologists during the London Fashion week to be saved following a unaffordable hike in their rent costs.
During this week many teen models mainly aged 16 through 18 years work and the centre provides support as many are away from home for the first time without their parents, often work long hours 18-19 hours isn't uncommon and can come under considerable pressure to stay thin (sometimes borderline anorexic). The centre also provides massages that help ease the stress or even provide a space to get some undisturbed peace and maybe a cat nap.
The call is the industry itself to stump up a contribution to keep it open and I hope they are successful.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Daytona Demon

Okay more from the 8 track era when everything faded down, clunked and faded back up, you played on your Space Hopper while space exploration was always in the news.
For some of us there was nothing hotter than a foxy rock chick clad in leather bike jackets and tight leather pants who sure could belt out rock songs with catchy choruses aided by the writing team who wrote for Mud (Carlshalton's finest!) and Sweet that included Mike Chapman who later produced the Knack and Blondie.
Yes, I's referring to the one and only Suzy Quatro, extracted from a Detroit all girls group, dropped in London, England and coached by the late Mickey Most to fit the UK's so-called 'Glam Rock' scene back then.

There have been many compilations issued over the years, the best on record is Greatest hits (EMI/RAK EMTV 24) but like quite few artists many of her cds have been subject to having the average volume jacked up but I recently picked up this one.
Entitled "The Wild One" this issued in 1990 just missed that stage in cd mastering and contains all her UK hits such as Can The Can, Devil Gate Drive which was a UK #1, the blaad If You Can't Give Me love and the #11 from 1979 She's In Love With You.
Recommended pop pickers.

It also was a cosmic groovy era and there is no finer example of it than the much missed Marc Bolan whose influence can be clearly heard on Transvision Vamp albums and he was massive.
When I say massive I mean in the UK at least he was only second to David Bowie for teen interest and sales.
One of his finest albums and one I feel everyone needs to hear is Electric Warrior, home of three major singles Get It On (later covered by Power Station), Lifes a Gas and Jeepster which I had the British 45 of back in '71 playing the life out it.

I eventually bought the Fly UK lp version and it has been issued on cd numerous times but unfortunately the people who own the UK rights seem to like that Loud Sound that even affected the 30th anniversary edition with work in progress bonus tracks.
Fortunately Rhino in the States have re-issued a early more dynamic cd version in their Flashback series catalogue number R2 6466 this month which while being from a exact 1 to 1 copy of the British master tape does sound extremely good being preferable to all current versions.