Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Post Christmas edition

Well I'm feeling about talking around Christmas today.
Food is one thing I look forward to and I usually meet with family members on Christmas day for lunch as for one thing it saves cooking and for another it's a good deal more relaxing being waited upon so you're able to talk more. The Christmas pudding with Brandy sauce was nice.
Also I went to the works Christmas lunch before we broke up which this year was held near Oulton Park race track surround by the Forest which I look forward to as its a chance to speak to people I don't see too often otherwise being in the other office most days. The staff were really helpful escorting a visually impaired staff member in and finding them a spot well illuminated to eat by talking of which the food was well cooked. I don't like lukewarm carrots.
We had a quiz and my tables team won by half a point!
This christmas I had some money, a voucher for the Electronics store Maplins - whose customer service around these parts is something of a joke with staff that can't do math and so on, the latest Naruto dvd set, a new watch, a Beatle mug and lots of candy.
I've yet to go physical shopping because in my neighbourhood the public transportation is locked down until this morning when it resumes as a 'Saturday' service although I raided Amazon for some goodies like replacement cds yesterday.
My mailman has quite a backlog of stuff to get through!!!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Christmas Edition 2011

Well yes finally I've gotten around to doing this entry cos this time of year has some bad memories for me and I struggle to be motivated.
Still, not before time I've gotten all my Christmas cards written, gifts sorted and otherwise almost sorted which considering I've only bin on the case fro the last few days is a bit of a miracle. Someone was on TV yesterday saying it's all right to have an okay Christmas rather than getting caught up in delivering the most perfect one ever and it think its true. It's what you bring to the event that counts and that isn't in the shops!
Happy Christmas everyone.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Keeping the draughts out

Cold windy few days here so thoughts turned to this nice Thompson tartan scarf in 100% acrylic from BHS. A good Christmas stocking filler if ever I saw one as it would be most useful.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

RIP Suzy

My life with Caroline started in 1997 when I was found very young in her garden and she took me in. Shortly afterwards there was a big bulge in my tummy with everybody else saying it was food but she got it right . Actually I was pregnant not that I knew about safe sex and that so I gave birth to five kittens!
Caroline adopted two - Moomin and Will - and found good homes for the others not before she stopped me from having more.
I enjoyed mousing, chasing sticks and rolling about on the ground but I became unwell Saturday and I was really off Sunday.
At the Vets, Suzy was found to have a blood clot along her back,