Monday, 22 August 2016

Tom Petty

The last time I mentioned TP was in 2014 with the Hypnotic Eye album although I have a lot of Tom Petty's albums on cd.
 This album originally came out in 1993 remaining a favourite of many although though their have been other compilations such as Playback box set and 2000's Anthology: Through The Years and it recently (July 2016) came out on double vinyl.
More accurately for people living  my side of the Atlantic, it's a re-issue as there was a very limited vinyl release for Europe and the UK and that edition is like much early 90's vinyl very expensive when you see a copy.
The strength of this set is its brevity containing only the 45's and two new recordings such as Mary Jane's 2nd Dance and that the running order makes for a highly enjoyable play starting with such early tracks as American Girl running through such gems as I Need To Know, Refugee, Don't Come Around Here No More and I Won't Back Down with a lack of anything resembling padding so in just over 68 minutes the case for Tom Petty is made convincingly in song and arrangements.
The four side splits are chosen well so you get the opportunity changing them to reflect on what you have heard and in non technical terms the sound and pressing quality of this European lp set is really high with the grooves cut by Chris Bell.
 Before the Heartbreakers were formed, there were a group of guys who played with Tom Petty In Gainsville, Florida and that band was reformed for an album in 2007 and this, Mudcrutch2, is their new offering also bought on vinyl issued May 20th with shared song writing between the band and Tom.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Summer playtime

Summer for me always brings back memories of vacations of the past typically in traditional seaside resorts with beaches, long shore lines to walk on and playing in the sand, making big sandcastles with moats.
It's also days out at the fair, visiting the amusement arcades, eating ice cream, going on the Dodgems and riding the Merry-Go-Round with its distinctive rhythms without a care in the world.
It's also the place adult but child me really feels at home in, doing what I understand the best having fun.  

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Presentation issues

After an interesting week trying to solve one problem, there was something that came into mind that I did feel about talking about.
Gender cultural norms.

I saw this a while back and personally I just love what it is about.
In the first instance do we know the gender of the dress wearer? Personally I couldn't careless as much as I care about your ability too be the gender you are.
It may be  someone born male  or maybe  a female who doesn't see why she should have to remove every single naturally growing hair from her leg?Nor pluck her eyebrows thin.
Just why should anyone who identifies as female have to wear make up and lipstick or face being either ridiculed or be called out on their gender identity?
Can we not appreciate how they dress and what as people they are like-their inner beauty if you will?
If I want to wear a shorter skirt or a short sleeved dress especially this time of year then frankly as those who know me will know I shall without getting hung up on if there's a stray hair here or there as having a skin condition lots of shaving may remove hairs but does nothing for where patches where my eczema  is.
If as I do, I like to wear shorts then why should that be regarded by some as just 'ikky boy' when as a female you can because that's you?
It's not what you wear so much as what you bring to them as the wearer.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

True or False?

This week between somethings like updating a computer program, watching much anime and a deluge of padded envelopes requiring attention, I saw a great inspirational poster I thought I'd share with you all.

I think we all know what sort we need to help us in our lives.