Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Corrine Bailey Rae says "Put Your Records On"

I've had this cd for a fair while since its release in  February following the lead off single Like A Star came out in special four track edition last October which ignited a lot of interest in the musical press and caught my ears as someone who unapologetically  prefers soul music coming from a more traditional direction rather than what sounds more like watered down hip-hop with harmonies on top we've been having since the nineties.
This Yorkshire singer has a most amazing voice.
What really did for it for me was the second single Put Your Records On released at the same time as the album itself that just that vibe right down which lead to the album peaking at #2 in the UK albums chart and amazingly #4 in the US.
Trouble Sleeping was released over here as a single in May.

Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Food we love

Cupcakes known in the UK as Fairy Cakes are something of a childhood like of mine from when I made them both with my Gran and also at school plus obviously enjoying eating them hugely.
I am fortunate we have small independent cake shops here together with lots of groups who home bake for various charities on collection days in town. 

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Plaid adventures

I can't speak for everyone but I did love looking through Mom's stuff when I was younger with more of the idea of picturing myself a little older perhaps, thinking what would I really want to wear as I wasn't particularly fashion conscious to be honest.
I mean when you struggle to dress yourself things such as ease of wearing, not having to rezip or button up and so on take a bigger priority plus when I was growing there wasn't much talked about disability fashion.

Around the age of fourteen, then I noticed Mom had a tartan plaid skirt not a million miles removed from this, proper Scottish made and that that when I get away with it I'd 'borrow' to wear not least as it was just that further on from more formal schoolwear but not too 'fussy' but smart.
I like to look smart when I'm not really lounging about and I've always felt things like this are really more me than what a lot of fashion places stock.