Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Recently I purchased this anime DVD issued over here by Manga and was really impressed with it not normally being taken to time travel stories as much as I enjoy sci-fi and anime.
The initial story goes back to the 1970's and has been tackled before but in the opinion of many never in quite the emotional depth of this adaptation and runs like this:

Makoto Konno, a high school girl in Tokyo's shitamachi, realizes she has the power to go back in time and re-do things (what is called a "time-leap") when she impossibly avoids a fatal accident at a train crossing one day.

Bewildered, she consults with her aunt throughout the film, who then implies that she is the protagonist from the original novel. At first, Makoto uses her power extravagantly to avoid being tardy and to get perfect grades on tests, and even relive a single karaoke session for about ten hours. It isn't long however that things begin to turn bad as she discovers how her actions can adversely affect others.

Makoto soon ends up using more of her leaps to recklessly prevent undesirable situations from happening, including an awkward confession of love from her best friend Chiaki Mamiya. Eventually she discovers a numbered tattoo on her arm that counts down with each leap. From this tattoo she realizes it indicates that she can only leap through time a limited number of times. With only a few time leaps left, she attempts to make things right for everyone, but impulsively she uses her final leap to prevent a phone call from Chiaki asking if she knows about time-leaping. As a result, she is unable to prevent her friend Kōsuke Tsuda and his girlfriend from being killed in the accident at the train crossing that Makoto was originally involved in. As Makoto watches the accident in horror, time suddenly stops.

Chiaki reveals that he is a traveller from the future and leapt through time in order to see a painting being restored by Makoto's aunt, as it has been destroyed in the future. While walking in the frozen city, Chiaki hints that his original era occurs after a world wide catastrophe decimates mankind. He then reveals that he has used his final leap to prevent Kōsuke's accident and has stopped time only to explain to Makoto what the consequences will be. Having revealed his origins and the source of the item that allowed Makoto to leap through time, and being unable to return to his time period, Chiaki must disappear. Makoto realizes too late that she loves him as well.

True to his words, Chiaki disappears when time begins again and Makoto is upset. As she tries to come to terms with losing him, she discovers that Chiaki's time-leap had inadvertently restored one time-leap to her: Chiaki had leapt back to before Makoto used her last leap. Makoto now leaps to the moment when she gained her powers, at which point Chiaki still has one remaining time-leap. She reveals everything that he told her in the future concerning his indentity, the ability to leap through time, and his reasons for extending his stay in her time frame. Shortly before returning to his time period, Chiaki says he will wait for her in the future and Makoto replies that she will run toward it.

What makes the film so enjoyable is the portrayal of each character having many layers which adds to the sense of being able to empathize with them throughout the story.
The story is very much bitter sweet because Makoto learns that this power has to be handled with responsibility- changing the past is not so straightforward - and that actions beget reactions as she uses it to make a new world for her friends

I found it very moving.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

The onset of Winter

Today's has been like the last week over here cold and somewhat icy.

This would be fine except for the fact I'm not to good on my feet so it doesn't take much for me to lose my balance and fall over.
I had three attempts at falling over yesterday as even at 14:00 hours the ice had not melted in places.

I hurt my arm which had been damaged over twenty years ago from a playground accident so had to rest it for several hours.

It's okay now .

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Twofer mania!

Just when you all thought I'd got it all done I surprised a few with an outbreak of twofer mania this month. I blame antonkk and that Diana thread!!! He didn't realize not only did it have me searching the world for a decent copy of her 1980 project with the guys from Chic, I ended up chasing an early series of discs Motown issued in the 1980's. The scene was the purchase of the 1986 CD release, Diana coupled with her 1979 Ashford and Simpson project "The Boss" with hits such as "No One Gets The Prize". There is a basic and I insist real problem with the 1998 Kevin Reeves version of Diana namely distortion and dynamic squashing. I know some have said he didn't do this and he mastered it from the originals which were hard to reproduce on on Lp with a lot of bass and so required some filtering for LP pressings but it isn't unknown for stuff to happen to a mastering engineers work after he's done it. Anyway I bought this old disc and it, as much as it might well of been a generation down from the master, sounds much freer and expands beautifully. "

Spurred on this find, I after nearly twenty years waiting got the Commodores Natural High/Midnight Magic twofer CD from 1986 pressed in Japan for Europe. It is very hard to find.
It use the single edits of Flying High and Three Times A Lady to fit both albums within the then 74 minute time restriction of a CD but sounds amazing!
I also got the Marvin Gaye What's Going On & Let's Get It On twofer cheaply which sounds more natural than the 1994/8 issues

I got Mary Wells Two Lovers coupled with My Guy from the States which is a great stereo disc and actually quite rare

In January2010 I picked up very cheaply The Supremes Let The Sunshine In c/w Cream Of The Crop from 1986 which was pressed in Japan

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Fall edition (Tm)

Well it's that time of the year dont'cha think? Everything's going vivid before the onset of the snow.

Having recovered from a bad cold I've been out and about walking, and so took a few pictures with my digital pocket camera.

This is of a tree that's situated at the junction of our road. I had to wait a few days to get the right combination of colour change on the tree plus fairly subtle lighting to bring it out. I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the wait.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My Roxy Music collection

Current Roxy Music recordings:

For Your Pleasure EG/Virgin 1988 EGCD 8
Stranded EG/Virgin 1991 EGCD 10
Country Life EG/Virgin 1988 EGCD 16
Siren EG/Polydor 1984 823 020-2 (First issue)
Manifesto EG/Poydor 1983 800 031-2 (First issue)
Flesh and Blood 1984 Orange top EG/Polydor 800 019 -2
Avalon EG/Polydor 1983 800 032 -2 - the best there is and shares the same mastering as the WEA West Gemany for US 'Target' CD)
Compilations: Streetlife - 20 Great Hits 1986 EG/Polydor 829 136-2.
This has the best sounding Virginia Plain, Pyjamarama and Angel Eyes (single mix).

The Ultimate Collection Virgin 1988.
Includes Bryan Ferry solo material and has Hold Me the 1986 US single otherwise hard to find on CD.

In general I have to say of the earlier CD issues the Polydor 823 ***-2 series sound thin and bass light. What we gain in dynamics, sadly squashed on the HDCD's from 1999 we lose in sheer 'drive'. I find the 1988/1991 EG/Virgins to be a better balence. For the 1979/82 albums the Polydors have the edge over the 1988/1991 Virgins.

LP's. I traded many of these in during the late 1980's- didn't we all? - and so am re-stocking.
Greatest Hits Polydor UK 1977 2302 073
This is a compilation of singles and album tracks from 1972-75. Marvellous sound

Manifesto Atco/EG 1979 US SD 32-114 (GP in the deadwax)
Flesh And Blood Atco/EG 1980 US SD32-102. This cut by Robert Ludwig (RL in the deadwax) is amazing!
Avalon WEA/EG 1982 US 9 23686-1(Masterdisk in the deadwax)
The High Road WEA/EG US 1983 9 23808-1Live Mini LP Recorded in Glasgow and NOT on cd.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


I love kawaii and noticed this really cool Hinaichigo Rozen Maiden doll one piece knee length cosplay outfit while surfing the net.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Ludwig's re-masters

Robert Ludwig was one of finest mastering engineers of the vinyl era but without wishing to appear as if if I'm personally attacking him, I have to say I find his more recent CD work in the re-mastering field less than impressive.
One can't fault him for finding good clean sounding tapes but there appears to be something almost automated about what happens next.
His processing of the recordings seem to leave them with a harsh frozen edginess.
This is very evident in his current Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry re-mastering for Virgin Records.
He also seems to favour limiting the dynamics to make these re-masters sound louder compared to what is actually on the masters.
I personally find it hard to listen to Sister Morphine by the Rolling Stones where the track just fails to expand as Charlie's drums kick in. It is a very strange state of affairs when even my ancient pre-recorded 8 track has a bigger difference between the quiet and loud portions of this track.
Another is the introduction to the first track on Roxy Music's Manifesto which starts at too high a level.
He compounds this by adding extra low and high frequencies to this track resulting in earache as you trying listening to this at a loudish level. Many of us have been replacing these titles on cd lately. For the Rolling Stones generally the 1987 CBS issues made in the States and Europe sound much more like the lp's. With Roxy Music you can get either the 1984 EG/Polydor issues or the otherwise perfectly fine 1988/1991 EG/Virgins issued in the UK that sound more natural (the catalogue numbers have EGCD** on the spines).
For Avalon, you can't beat the Polydor/EG issue catalogue number 800 032-2.

See the next entry for my collection.

Monday, 1 September 2008


Although I sometimes talk about technical things, I am not about technical things at all so much as they are things I use on a regular basis in my life as ways of dealing with things such as my anxiety and confidence issues because it helps and so maintaining them myself matters.

In a lot of ways I'm a stereotypical girl or perhaps legally adult-child in that I love arts and crafts even if my co-ordination is kinda rubbish because I love taking art in making things probably because stimulating activity really helps even if I need help doing them.
I'm also a very much a dressy kind of girl, not liking really ornate fussy dresses and separates but easy put on dresses with simple print motifs or patterned fabrics and I love cute things round me.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Converting CD's for your digital music player.

I have done for this several years using such programs as Audiograbber but would like to talk about one I'm currently using.
It is called dbPowerAMP.

You can download this from the website dBpoweramp Music Converter
It is available on a free monthly trail basis after which you need to register it at which point you pay either$ 24 for the basic program or $36 for some extras including a CD burner.
This is a very simple program to use. You can either copy a single track or do batch ripping - ideal for albums - which also gives you track titles added from a database. That saves you typing them!
You have a choice of what sort of files to make - you can have the evergreen Mp3 which can be set for really good sound - or WMA or Flac by downloading the appropriate 'codec' from the site and selecting from the drop down menu before 'converting' (Ripping').

I mainly use the Mp3 option and have set it so it rips slowly for the best quality sound and set the file speed at 320kilobits per second (Kbps) which produces a nice sounding file.
This is the best sounding program I've ever used for one it's almost as good as the actual CD.
What you need to do before 'converting' is make a folder for the files and copy and past this to where it asks for the output path. I make a folder in 'My Documents' and use that.

To burn it off for a MP3 CD, just open up a burning program like Nero, select 'make an audio CD - MP3'. From ADD menu select the file from My Documents and double left click and it will load into it and follow up with selecting Burn following the prompts.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Alice Rose

Here's Alice Rose in red and yellow livery. Again notice the floral decor.

Caught just after the passengers had desembarked to stock up on food and other provisions.

Final picture of Alice Rose for ya taken toward the next bridge on the Trent & Mersey Canal.

In the background you can just see the local Public House.

A great place to relax after spending several hours afloat.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Inland Waterways

This scene is a typical one near Caroline's home.
It is the summer and in this part of England, people travel sections of inland waterways called Canals in a set pattern. The section of canal is called the Trent & Mersey linking the Midlands to Lancashire
This particular vessel is registered at Whixall, Shropshire in the Midlands and often is seen where she is hired from travelling from Audlem in the South to Runcorn in the North of Cheshire, a district with close links to Liverpool and the Wirral.
The people will typically stop overnight having used local shops, the Post Office and Public Houses before travelling toward Middlewich for the next leg.

Continuing with last months theme here are a few new pictures for you.

Sloe Motion. What a name, eh? This one is registered nearby at Northwich.

It has traditional flower and brass fittings.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Vacation pictures

Some more vacation pictures - Llandudno - done using a cheap digital camera so not as good as those from my Olympus analogue SLR.

Final one - Llandudno beach looking toward the Pier and Grand Hotel

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bobby Vee

I've always had a soft spot for the music that came out immediately before the arrival of the Beatles and recently a new compilation by one of my favourite artists of that period, Bobby Vee, has been issued by EMI UK. Entitled the very best of this is a generous 27 track issue running for approx 1 Hour and two minutes having all his hits together with some choice cuts from his albums issued back then. It sounds a bit bright but does respond to turning the high notes down slightly.
Track list:
1.Rubber Ball
2.More Than I Can Say
3.Take Good Care Of My Baby
4.The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
5.Stayin' In
6.Run To Him
7.How Many Tears
8.Please Don't Ask About Barbara
9.Sharing You
10.A Forever Kind Of Love
11.Bobby Tomorrow
12.What Do You Want
13.Devil Or Angel
15.Come Back When You Grow Up
16.My Girl / Hey Girl
17.Tears On My Pillow
18.Raining In My Heart
19.Baby Face
20.Summertime Blues
21.Oh, Boy!
22.Sweet Little Sixteen
24.True Love Ways
25.It Might As Well Rain Until September
26.Will You Love Me Tomorrow
27.Poetry In Motion

This is a great introduction to the man.

Sunday, 22 June 2008


Having returned from my vacation, I thought I'd share this picture of Conway harbour, North Wales, with you all.
The weather forecast was grim - strong winds and heavy showers - but actually it was really sunny and only on he Wednesday was there a one hour shower mid afternoon.
While there I saw an exclusive interview in a newspaper by that rising young soul star Duffy, who comes from this area. Her album is available on LP and CD.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Flower festival on the Trent and Mersey canal

Yesterday I attended part of a series of community events here on our local Inland waterway
Lindsey, a British Waterways narrow-boat, was being used as floating flower garden that forms part of the 2008 Cheshire Years of Gardens event.
This event took place on the Trent and Mersey canal at Rode Heath. Shad arrived at half past two in the afternoon having made an unscheduled stop at Church Lawton first.
Shad was decked out with flower displays sponsored by local groups such as the local Scouts, playgroups, WI's etc.
She was greeted by children and staff from the Infants of Rode Heath community school who had spent this term learning about inland waterways and narrow boats that formed a large part of the industrial and social heritage of this area when they were used to transport Brine (salt) and Pottery from North Staffordshire to Runcorn and Liverpool.
At Three-thirty, we were treated to a half hour brass band concert from the Juniors who performed in a tent.
Many locals attended coupled with visitors who had arrived by narrowboat enroute to Middlewich for the Boat and Folk festival at the weekend.
In the evening people were treated to a Dancing Troupe, the Rheema church choir and a two hour concert by Rode Hall silver band, one of the finest in the North West of England.
At the left is an image of her sister boat, Shad.

History of Shad, the narrowboat.

Shad, a motor narrow boat, was built in 1936 for Fellows, Morton and Clayton Ltd (FMC). For nearly 30 years, she worked on the canals between Wolverhampton, Ellesmere Port, Manchester and Nottingham, transporting up to 25 ton loads of general cargo. Her cargoes ranged from tea, sugar and flour to industrial raw materials and products such as coal, sand and metal ingots.

During this time, she was also home to a family of boat people. Despite the very small living area, the family would have been permanently resident on the boat and in fact, William and Emmie Grimes gave birth to their daughter aboard the boat on 15th January 1941.

Over the years, Shad had a succession of owners. In August 1950, when Shad was inspected as an accommodation unit, the Master was named as Mrs Shaw and the boat was registered for 3 adults in the aft cabin. By 1952 the Atkins family were living on her and by 1954, she had changed hands once more and her Master was listed as G Brookes.

Since 1949, when FMC went into liquidation, Shad had been part of the British Waterways North West Division's Carrying Fleet. British Waterways stopped carrying by boat in the 1960s and Shad was then leased to a number of different companies, undertaking a variety of carrying contacts. Eventually the speed of the lorry literally overtook the use of boats for carrying cargo and Shad was written off by British Waterways on 9th August 1976.

Retired to Hayhurst yard in Northwich, Shad proceeded to fill with rainwater and sink. In 1981 she transferred to the Boat Museum at Ellesmere Port where she was completely restored and for a number of years she fulfilled the role of museum trip boat.

Today Shad still plays an important part in the national waterways collection and can usually be found on display at the National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port (formerly the Boat Museum).

Friday, 6 June 2008

national dress

Scottish traditional dress has always fascinated me and here's a picture of a young girl in full traditional costume taking part ion a procession.



One of my strongest recollections from the first time I ever set foot in Wales is seeing outside buildings and sometimes inside them to ladies dressed in traditional Welsh dress like this.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Kiss - Music from "The Elder"

A favourite heavy rock album of mine is Music from “the Elder” by Kiss which
was released
on November 27 1981 on Casablanca Records 6302 163/NBLP 7261(US).
It was a puzzling release for a group well known for straight ahead rock songs to issue
a concept album (for crying out loud!) based around a story.

The album was a poor seller at the time and since then has been disowned by the group as
a mistake in that period where Ace Frehley's issues were causing difficulties and they felt
they'd lost direction.

However, recently a number of Kiss fans have spoken on forums of their love for this
– the most untypical Kiss album – and why the feel a re-appraisal is due. discussion:KISS - (Music From) The Elder... thoughts? - SH Forums

Original Track listing (Europe/North America)
A1. The Oath (4:32) - Stanley/Ezrin/Powers
A2. Fanfare (1:22) - Ezrin/Stanley
A3. Just A Boy (2:30) - Stanley/Ezrin
A4. Dark Light (4:12) - Frehley/Fig/Reed/Simmons
A5. Only You (4:19) - Simmons
A6. Under The Rose (4:49) - Carr/Simmons
B1. A World Without Heroes (2:40) - Stanley/Ezrin/Reed/Simmons
B2. Mr. Blackwell (4:53) - Simmons/Reed
B3. Escape From The Island (2:50) - Frehley/Ezrin/Carr
B4. Odyssey (5:36) - Powers
B5. I (3:52) - Simmons/Ezrin


Paul Stanley -

Eric Carr - Drums on 1-10 / back-up vocals

Gene Simmons - Bass

Ace Frehley - Lead Guitar

Bob Ezrin - Bass on B2.

Allan Schwartzberg - Drums on B4, B5.

Produced by Bob Ezrin. Associate Producer Brian Christian. Recorded at Ace In The Hole Studio, CT, March - July 1981, A & R Studios, NYC, NY, May 1981, Record Plant Studios, NYC,NY, May, July - September 1981, Ezrin Farm Studio & Sounds Interchange, Toronto, Canada, March & May 1981, by Brian Christian, Rick Hart, Robert Hrycyna and David Brown. Additional Engineering by Rob Freeman, Corky Stasiak and Kevin Doyle. Mixed at Manta Sound Studio, Toronto, Canada.

Recently fellow bone and member Craig and I held a internet listening session where we discussed this album.

Craig: “The Oath is definitely the best opener.

Caroline:(referring to the revised track order on the re-mastered CD) “Can't picture it anywhere else personally but someone thought better.”

Just A Boy is a thoughtful song which revealed just how good the range on Paul Stanley's voice really was.

Caroline:”Paul's singing was never bettered “

Referring to the guitar playing, Craig said ”LOVE the guitar shimmer on this one...

This album is full of GREAT guitar solos - all short and to the point. “

Under The Rose is the cinematic side ender

Caroline:”The vocal harmonies are cool - you don't get much of that in hard rock.”

Craig:(Quoting the lyric) “in every age
in every time
a hero is born
as if by a grand design”

and the "Just A Boy" motif comes back .

Caroline:”That was a clever touch in the arrangement “.

Craig:”Love the keyboard triplet riffs on Under The Rose I remember this chorus scaring me as a kid.

Guitar solo coming up - the doubling on the second half is blissful.”

A World Without Heroes is a slow thoughtful piece that opens up what was the second side of the LP and was released in the UK and US in February 1982 as 18cm (7”) single.
Caroline: “Just imagine a World without Heroes? “

Craig: ”One of my faves ever. I played it end on end as a kid. “

Mr. Blackwell:

Caroline: ”(Quoting the lyric)“Do what I want
I don't give a damn! “ - Very Gene!

Craig:Ya know, it's not that I don't like this song. I don't know if I like it in the context of the album - but it's better than I give credit for. “

Caroline:“It's a dark lyric but it makes sense in the context of the 'story'. It used to make me feel ill at ease at the time but I really like it now. “

Escape from the Island is unique in the Kiss catalogue being a percussion driven instrumental which made many of kiss fans aware for the first time of the late Eric Carr's true abilities. He was more than capable of playing Jazz.
Caroline:”Every beat is why I miss Eric. Damn fine playing here. “

Craig:”Agreed. And no Gene or Paul on this one. “(mimics the beat)”chugga chugga chugga “

Referring to Odyssey Craig's response was”ODYSSEY! My favourite I think. Just so epic... “

KILLER guitar solo!!! “”Love the breakdown. “

The song I concludes the original LP and shows of Paul and Gene's combined vocal abilities.

Craig:”Always loved the sharing vocals - was VERY happy to hear then do this on God Gave Rock And Roll To You II. It had been too long! “

Referring to the ending which quoted Kiss's first hit single Craig added “Sly little "I wanna rock and roll all nite" at the end! “

Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Walkin' Miracle!


YouTube - limmie & family cookin' - walking miracle - totp ...

This isn't the story of my life although that could be regarded as an apt description but the name of a song I really loved back in '74 by this popular soul group originally from Ohio.
The were so popular in the UK the moved on over here!

(Hugo Peretti / Adam Levy / Luigi Creatore / George David Weiss)

Trio Essex

(Ooh, ooh)
(Ooh, ooh)

Did you ever see starlight come rushing from the sky
Heading for home in the stars in someone's eyes?
Uh-huh-huh, That's my baby, talkin' 'bout my baby,
And I love him - He's a walkin' miracle.
(Ooh, ooh)
He's a walkin' miracle
(Ooh, ooh)

Did you ever see sunshine come pourin' out of space
Just to be part of the smile on someone's face?
Uh-huh-huh, That's my baby, talkin' 'bout my baby,
And I love him - He's a walkin' miracle.
(Ooh, ooh)
He's a walkin' miracle
(Ooh, ooh)

And you should see cherries do flips, oh yeah
When they're picked to be the taste on his lips, oh yeah
And I know how happy his clothes must be,
'Cause that's how I feel when he's close to me
(Close to me)

Did you ever see lovin' that really rings a bell,
Kooky and crazy like Romeo himself
Uh-huh-huh, that's my baby, Talkin' 'bout my baby,
And I love him - He's a walkin' miracle.
(Ooh, ooh)
He's a walkin' miracle
(Ooh, ooh)
He's a walkin' miracle
(Ooh, ooh)

And you should see cherries do flips, oh yeah
When they're picked to be the taste on his lips, oh yeah
And I know how happy his clothes must be,
'Cause that's how I feel when he's close to me
(Close to me)

Did you ever see lovin' that really rings a bell,
Kooky and crazy like Romeo himself
Uh-huh-huh, that's my baby, Talkin' 'bout my baby,
And I love him - He's a walkin' miracle.
(Ooh, ooh)
He's a walkin' miracle
(Ooh, ooh)
He's a walkin' miracle
(Ooh ooh)

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Pinafore dresses


The spring fashions here have been interesting not least the popularity of Pinafore Dresses in a variety of differing lengths and materials. Here's one I recently bought which has a cotton/elastene top part (the Pinafore), the lower is portion is jersey in a just above the knee length.
It ties up at the back.

Sunday, 27 April 2008


....And now for something different! Let's say I've always had a soft spot for things like Hello Kitty, the cultish Japanese iconic character but this un-official pose is one I truly adore. If it wasn't for the 'Gun Talk' rules on a certain website, I'd have it as my avatar. To me it kind of symbolizes the mixture of the innocent with the knowing - the bit that just might have to use force or weapons.

Monday, 14 April 2008

The Beatles - Great sounding vinyl Part 2 1964 - 1966

As you may recall from the first of this series of posts I have always like the music of the Beatles growing up with it and as I got older buying their records eventually forming an important part of my collection because they make me feel happy and I find the lyrics quite interesting.
From this period there is increasingly less difference in terms of overall sound quality between the North American and UK based LP's although there are many issues with the UK based CD issues that makes investigation desirable for beatle fans.
Continuing with 1964 the beatles recorded a series of tracks up to October of that year the majority of which were issued on LP format at some point.
Beatles For Sale is the home for most of these tracks but as the current LP is in sludgy mono we need to look at the alternatives.
Beatles For Sale has always been available in stereo and generally sounds much more open compared to it's mono counterpart.

The North American version is Beatles '65 which is what I grew up with. Side one follows the UK running order for the first 6 tracks and it just adds I Feel Fine, She's A Woman and I'll Be Back (on UK Hard day's Night LP).
I much prefer this running order although I Feel Fine doesn't sound good in duophonic (fake stereo).
I have compared recently a UK Beatles For Sale with my Canadian early 1980's Rainbow rim pressed at CBS and found that was a tidbit better actually!
(I Feel Fine sounds better on the analogue 1962-1966 RED album).
If you get Beatles For Sale you can skip the next entry.
Beatles VI
So called as Capitol counted this as their sixth Capitol LP is a gem and my Canadian Early 80's Rainbow Rim sounds fantastic!
It has the remainder of the Beatles For Sale tracks plus three early tracks that ended up on the UK help album. Two tracks, Dizzy Miss Lizzie and Bad Boy were specially recorded for this album in a 10 hour session.
See the separate blog entry for more.
The difference is the UK had an album of all beatle tunes and in North America we had a soundtrack album containing the instrumentals.
For sound quality nothing quite compares to the original UK stereo LP but the current copy is digitally re-mixed with added digital echo so you need to go back and get the original.
Fortunately copies can be had of the late 70's, early 80's fairly cheaply. I never got on with side two as the material is all over the place stylistically.
Rubber Soul.
The albums have the same title and 10 songs in common that follow the same order.
The Capitol version has a more 'folk-rock' feel with I've Just Seen a Face and It's Only Love from UK Help in there; the UK adds Drive My Car, Nowhere Man, If I Needed Someone and What Goes On? that appear on another Capitol album.
Take your pick - my Canadian purple label is very good and a genuine UK should be fine but a 1973 copy made for the UK in France under contract sounded very weak to my ears.
Yesterday and Today: The between Capitol album having Yesterday, Act Naturally, We Can Work It Out and Day Tripper.
This is a favourite of mine and later pressings do sound good - strike lucky and you'll get the all true stereo edition as Capitol were in a rush to release this album having three sons that saw in slightly different versions their UK appearance on Revolver.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Okay some of us remember this guy, eh? Tony the tiger who advertised Kelloggs Frosties (aka Frosted Flakes) a fun cereal breakfast food much loved. His most famous catch phrase devised by John E Matthews is "They’re Grreat!" He was created in 1952 by Martin Provenson, the children's book illustrator and has been seen around the world.
Here's a clip: Kellogg's Tony the Tiger The Cowboy

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gothic Lolita Fashion

Drawing by xxxKei87xxx
I'm very interested in Gothic Lolita fashion and this drawing shows the main features off well.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Friday, 1 February 2008


One of the first shows I watched when I had Sky Television was Rugrats which was a cartoon versioned depiction of the world of the Infant/Toddler on Nickelodeon which at the time was just single channel.
It was interesting to watch for the explorations of those infants characters passivity to dominance from extroverted to very introverted and how the group interacted with Angelica often getting the upper hand.
I bought several dvd's including the full length animations for home watching as like a good number of us, we are watching very much from a more child-like mindset, seeing parts of ourselves reflected in it.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Care Bears and me

One of the favourite tv shows from the mid 1980's for me was the Care Bears which had a lot tie in merchandise.
I am a girl who cares about things that happen to others be they close friends or communities miles from here, feeling their sadness, anger and pain and truly doesn't want to cause that to happen although I am also sometimes naughty too.
I'd would do almost anything to help my friends if I could  deal with their emotions and needs being prepared to share whatever I have at the time and I have 

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Sony Mastersound cds

These came out during the mid 1990's and I bought several of them as they purported to from the original mastertapes and were a bit cheaper than those issued by so-called 'audiophile' labels such as MFSL and DCC.

They were a mixed bag - I couldn't get on with the issue of Boston S/T being screechy replacing that by a regular US version - and failed to see the sense and trying to make a audiophile issue of Bat Out of Hell, an album that has lots of mixing issues whatever you might think of it musically.