Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Plaid adventures

I can't speak for everyone but I did love looking through Mom's stuff when I was younger with more of the idea of picturing myself a little older perhaps, thinking what would I really want to wear as I wasn't particularly fashion conscious to be honest.
I mean when you struggle to dress yourself things such as ease of wearing, not having to rezip or button up and so on take a bigger priority plus when I was growing there wasn't much talked about disability fashion.

Around the age of fourteen, then I noticed Mom had a tartan plaid skirt not a million miles removed from this, proper Scottish made and that that when I get away with it I'd 'borrow' to wear not least as it was just that further on from more formal schoolwear but not too 'fussy' but smart.
I like to look smart when I'm not really lounging about and I've always felt things like this are really more me than what a lot of fashion places stock.

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