Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Run, Caro, Run

As we get very much in that twilight period of late Fall toward Christmas my thoughts happen to be elsewhere not least with that business I talked about  two month ago as I'm working toward a phased return to duties that should see me formally hand over the reigns so I can leave the authority in dignified professional way even though how I had been treated by members that lead to this was anything but.
I keep thinking about my first love when it comes to school games, Rounders, as I'm slowly recovering as while with my disabilities being able to bat and run wasn't easy I enjoyed taking part, encouraged in it by people that were prepared to stand up for me.
I have now a PE skirt and top that I wear on warmer days although what I'd truly love to do is find a Rounders club where I could play not on league basis but just for the company and exercise.

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