Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Much Music

I got the classic Anime, Akira! cheaply on DVD having fond memories of seeing that on TV in the early 90's.It's a tour-de-force of action never letting up.

Musically, I've drifted back into the 80's – or did they ever go way? - with the first three Howard Jones titles two of which are on the original Teal coloured so-called Target CD's of the early 80's.

Plus I have coming soon the two Naked Eyes LP's a band more appreciated over in the states than here in England.There are two CD's of hits out but unfortunately not the original albums Naked Eyes (The US 10 track version) or Burning Bridges (UK/JPN 12 track original) from '83 and Fuel For the Fire from '84 which has come over from B.C., Canada.
Naked Eyes comprised of Pete Byrne on Vocals and the late Rob Fisher on Keyboards/fairlight. He also programmed the Linn drum machine.
For more on Naked Eyes see this:
Naked Eyes

For just about the most oddest item coming to me is the US XDR cassette tape of Kajagoogoo's White Feathers album that unlike it's low tech UK equivalent, has also the 12" Dance Version of Too Shy added to the release. I also got the One Way Records CD from 1993 which sounds much better compared to the 2004 UK EMI issue.
Talking XDR cassettes I recently got the original issues of the first four Duran Duran albums in this form which provided me with my first introduction to the special mixes produced for the second and third US editions of Rio

Some more Canadian content was gotten recently whilst on vacation in Wales, UK with recordings by Pat Travers, Max Webster and Alannah Myles plus more Edward Bear coming over the Atlantic (see last post for more Bear). I've now completed my bear LP collection. Special thanks to Records By Mail (RBM) in the States for their excellent service.
For more about Max Webster's music, go here
Max Webster
For Pat Travers go here: Pat Travers Homepage
Prompted by Sean at, I have a compilation by the Montreal based group The Bells who had a Canadian hit with Fly Little White Dove, Fly in the early 70's coming real soon to me.

I went away at the start of the month which was surprisingly warm for the time of year and the trees were just about to start changing to that crisp golden colour.
I was over at Betwys -y-Coed walking about having caught the train from Llandudno rail station for the day when I decided to get a Tracy Beaker Latte mug to replace a mug that had acquired a nasty chip in it.
She's a heroine of mine - you really ought to read the books by the authoress, Jacqueline Wilson, if you never heard of her.

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