Thursday, 1 January 2009

Anime DVD's

Here's some cool Anime DVD's I had for Christmas:
Starship Operator 3 - It you liked a "Battlestar Galactica" type adventure but in anime with some romance and well drawn characters this is it.( Episodes 9 thru' 13)
A feeler for the series : YouTube - starship operators
Spirited Away - the tale of a ten year old having to move making new friends and fighting her demons.
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - A lovely full time leap movie.
Howls Moving Castle - set in an retro-futurist world it's a magical adventure from the Studio Ghibi stable.

Kino's Journey ADV complete series

For centuries, those in search of self-discovery and knowledge of the world have hit the road in furtherance of those quests. Young Kino, along with her talking motorcycle Hermes, has the same goal -- to travel and observe and learn from different cultures.Staying exactly three days in each location, Kino and Hermes learn much about the world and themselves.

In disc two Emerging Lanes, Kino discovers the joy inherent in a trip, without getting caught up in the destination.She realizes that the experience of the journey, and the diversions it brings, matters more than where she's going.As she chats with men working on railways, works hard, and encounters dramatic action in a Coliseum, Kino finds that what she learns along the way is the most important thing.

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