Monday, 15 February 2010

Sade: Soldier Of Love.

It seems so long from the groups last releases Lovers Rock Live never mind the Lover's Rock itself.
In that time much in the World has changed and not necessarily for the better.
The good thing I would say about this album is just that - it's basically the same vibe - just updated with lyrics that match our needs today surrounded as we are by conflict and mutual misunderstanding.
As ever Sade have come up with sophisticated pop, with heartfelt lyrical themes and lithe acoustic guitars often played against snappish synthetic beats. The lead single Soldier Of Love is aurally ornate, with military-issue snare drumming. Be That Easy is feathery country soul, and In Another Time waltzes slow to a minor key. There’s no big-beat single, nor is their any of the all too prevailing auto tune. Strongly recommended.

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