Saturday, 13 March 2010


Well I haven't god forbid gone all monkey on you but I bought this new album last week after hearing samples on Amazon.
In shocking move I even got it as an 'album download' unheard of for me for anything new just because it was more convenient for me to listen to on the PC or via my MiniDisc unit on the commute.
Let me say if you like Eclectic and don't have a big issue with rap as style of delivery you'll love this as it seamlessly meanders through classical, soul to rock.
It is well recorded with -gasp - real dynamics for once that will be appreciated by those who are waiting for the vinyl edition to come out.
I blame Pug for getting me into it! xD!!

While I was at it and as 7Digital had it on special offer for £4.49 I downloaded this the 2005 release that features Feel Good Inc.

As well I picked up this, the first Gorillaz album that started it all with the smash hit Clint Eastwood on it.

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