Sunday, 4 July 2010


Sometimes people wonder just what drives me on and why it is sometimes I can appear to be out of sync with other peoples takes on it.

You know what really matters don't you?


Well, most of would agree they can feel it and share it but just how far does it go?

For some people it's kinda like 'I will offer you my love but don't let it come between what I really want right now' as if the one prevents the other.

Now sure you might not want to do any anything rash like give away all your life savings to someone who you don't know much about bar a lack of money but what enables you to progress yourself?

That's right, Love. Someone else's love for you, the word put in your favour, some help dealing with problems you may be experiencing or the offer of immediate physical comfort such as a reassuring hug and so on.

For me and maybe a few others it goes further in that we'd exchange a bit of our own comfort to help another even if we could use that ourselves such as the winter day I went a bit cold so my scarf could be used to minimize stomach cramps a friend going through her monthly cycle was experiencing. I could not let her suffer if there was something practical I could do in that situation. Could you?

If you're a Mom, you'd reassure your child if they were in pain or sick even putting off other things you had planned because your child's wellbeing is that important. Naturally and in your own way you would hope your child, as they grew up would begin to understand the sacrifices you made for them arising from that love and they themselves would continue that much needed cycle.

A cycle humanity needs and the only motivator I have.

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Anna Arendt said...

Love is wonderful on a personal level, but the love of fellow humans in general is nice too. Helping people always tends to leave the helper feeling happier too, don't you think.

Our daughter became a Godmother to a friends brothers child, and she visits regularly, and does things with her goddaughter. After a weekend with her and her family, she came to visit us. Something had happened in her goddaughter's home, and she suddenly had an insight into what we had put in to make her the lovely person she is. So nice.

Hugs Anna