Sunday, 30 January 2011

It's all right for you

Here we go near the end of the month when I didn't move much making for the lowest key start to the new year for decades.
Anyway phase two of the vinyl project is almost complete where if you recall I mentioned this incomplete state of it after two decades of cd buying and yes rebuying cds.
Phase two was about a group whose albums I've always loved and whose music - power reggae - appealed to a very wide audience in much the same way as Abba did.
That's right we're talking about The Police, three white guys one of which as an an American who sold this sound across the world and can be seen in hindsight as one of the starting points behind the popularity of 'World' music.
As with the Stones my collection had been deplete to just two albums on vinyl.

Outlandos d' amour 1978 UK A&M
One of the survivors my copy had a fair bit of wear, a deep scratch on the second and the cover had been damaged by the cat!
Recorded in a village hall near Leatherhead, Surrey and home to the singles Roxanne, Can't Stand Losing You and So Lonely, this on never was a good sounding recording so I got a regular copy in better physical shape to replace my old one with.

Regatta de blanc 1979 UK A&M
This album issued October '79 was extremely popular housing the singles Walking On The Moon and Message In a Bottle but I've been missing a vinyl copy for twenty years.
I got hold of a copy last week in decent shape although there's a slight tear on the rear cover but may try the current 'Back to black' re-issue lp.

Zenyatta Mondatta 1980 UK A&M
The last album with the funny naming thing, this one issued October 1980 was responsible for the thought provoking single Don't Stand So Close To Me that touched on illicit affairs between teachers and school children and De, Doo, Doo, Doo, De,Da, Da, Da.The instrumental "Behind My Camel," written by Andy Summers, won the band a Grammy for the best instrumental performance and as some one who just loves the track I can see why.
My copy was mint but one of my cats knocked down a unit I used to store the discs in back then it crushed the top right hand side of lp jacket badly so although the actual record is almost as new the jacket is a mess. I'll get a cheap copy for the jacket and swap them over!

Ghost In The Machine UK A&M 1981 (sterling)
Issued in 1981, it was the most political album by the police to date referencing "The Troubles" - a move that led to a television ban on the video to Invisible Sun in the UK, fascism (Rehumanize Yourself) and Geopolitics (One world (not Three). It also featured the singles Everything She Does Is Magic and Spirits In The Material World. This one went from my collection in 1992 but as able to get a EX grade copy recently with the original Sterling mastering that sounds extremely good.

Synchronicity 2008 "Back to black" re-issue.
The last studio album featuring the hits King Of Pain, Synchronicity II, Every Breathe You Take and Wrapped Around Your Finger released in June 1983.
Today I received my copy of the 2008 Black To Black re-issue complete with Mp3 download code. Cut and pressed at GZ in the Czech Republic this copy was a revelation to my ears. I say revelation because the first thing that stuck me was the clean transients then the overall warmth of this mastering which seems to be a very strong point of this mastering team going by other issues by them such as recent Stones sets.
Whatever they used to cut this from - wav files? - there has been very little additional compression applied as the quieter tracks such as Walking In Your Footsteps expand beautifully after the brash opener and to my ears subjectively better than my mid 90's cd issue (I really dislike the 2003 cds) enhancing my experience of hearing this album having gone through 8 track 'audiophile' Chrome cassette and cd versions.
I honestly feel until today I've never really heard everything it had to offer, it's that good.
If you're think new and can afford it, it's one I'd recommend.

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