Saturday, 4 June 2011

Not happening in our street!

Phew, I'm feeling all hot today but still life goes on between the cold drinks and ice cream I guess.
Continuing on a bit from what I was talking about last week one of things I recall seeing lots of while growing up was wild life, and they do seem to under threat from us!
You see we're only thinking about our short term needs such as saving time on doing the garden on plonking our cars on gravel just outside our properties and it's making lie hard for all the other creatures.
The bee isn't finding many flowers to pollinate, the butterflies can't get any food and poor old Mr Nutkins is lacking burying space for his nuts!
In 15 years I've seen so much habit go in my locality other than the houses I'd scarcely recognize the roadsides as gardens get hardcored over for cars (and decking if were really lucky) so much so it just seems dead in the summer months.
Please try to make a little space for the people we share the planet with. Thank you.

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