Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Post Christmas edition

Well I'm feeling about talking around Christmas today.
Food is one thing I look forward to and I usually meet with family members on Christmas day for lunch as for one thing it saves cooking and for another it's a good deal more relaxing being waited upon so you're able to talk more. The Christmas pudding with Brandy sauce was nice.
Also I went to the works Christmas lunch before we broke up which this year was held near Oulton Park race track surround by the Forest which I look forward to as its a chance to speak to people I don't see too often otherwise being in the other office most days. The staff were really helpful escorting a visually impaired staff member in and finding them a spot well illuminated to eat by talking of which the food was well cooked. I don't like lukewarm carrots.
We had a quiz and my tables team won by half a point!
This christmas I had some money, a voucher for the Electronics store Maplins - whose customer service around these parts is something of a joke with staff that can't do math and so on, the latest Naruto dvd set, a new watch, a Beatle mug and lots of candy.
I've yet to go physical shopping because in my neighbourhood the public transportation is locked down until this morning when it resumes as a 'Saturday' service although I raided Amazon for some goodies like replacement cds yesterday.
My mailman has quite a backlog of stuff to get through!!!

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