Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Like we care!

Ever heard of the expression the left hand doesn't know what the right's doing?
Well I think it sure applies with the British Treasuries department recent announcements about the program run by Customs and Revenues section to help those usually in work deal with the gap between their pay and what their needs are such as childcare for those with children.
It's set to be formally announced in the Budget that the number of hours a person needs to work to claim Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit is to rise from 16 or more hours per week to 24 or more probably with an eye to reducing the total amount paid out year on year.
The problem with this is obvious, namely that at at time of economic hardship many of those currently working 16 hours cannot realistically demand extra hours from their employer AND because of this will be at least 150 pounds a week worse off as the claims are rejected.
This is at a time of rapidly increasing fuel and food prices where many are struggling.
Not surprisingly it has been criticized by the Child Poverty Action Group, Citizens Advice and many others working with the most vulnerable sections of the community.
The answer if money had to be saved, might of been to have looked at the maximum income levels before a claim not be accepted.
So much for the declared aim of Government being "Making work pay".

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