Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Still missing her

As a number of you know, I lost Moomin April 14 waking up that morning to find her to find her flat out in liquid on the kitchen floor first thing. The day had began pretty regular, getting out of bed, visiting the rest room and getting to the living room door. I guess I should of  realized something was up as I was greeted by a 'eeking' sound from the male cat sounding like he'd been doing it for a long time, it was so pitiful.
After a few minutes I'd wondered where she could be as even if he'd been chasing her overnight she'd soon emerge from the dining room or maybe behind the dryer so it was only when I went to investigate I made this distressing discovery whereupon when |I put my hand on her, she was stone cold, so I cleaned her up moved her on at a blanket before cleaning up and waiting for the vets to open to take her there as it's just around 12KM's away.
I'll be quite upfront here and say I've been struggling as each day I find fresh things that remind me of her and have been spacing out.
The picture was one I took a few years back of her resting by the Microwave where if you went near it, she'd say "Can I have some warm food please" or rush in when she heard the pings to say it had finished cooking say a lamb pie.
Thanks everyone for your support that day.

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