Thursday, 11 October 2012


Sometimes I think I'm jinxed as it seems I have the return of a rotten cold, an everyday thing although not pleasant for most of you but something once I get on, I never really seem to shake off.
I'm not house moving, but in the last few weeks and probably continue on for a few more weeks, I'm de-cluttering the house and while I'm at it, rearranging things.
I haven't had a bad life even if lots of things didn't quite go to plan, but one common factor with many of them is they left me with heaps of paper files in either wallet document folders or huge lever arch files from many activities and courses I took that took over room after room!
I've finally gotten shut of the 1999 Roxy Music remasters - nasty harsh things -having got  that awfully nice sounding new box set plus a few other don't really need discs plus a massive hardback copy of Websters dictionary that was too heavy for me to turn the pages over.
As well, I'm thinning out a mountain of home made VHS video cassettes going back some twenty-five years that are taking up space and yet I haven't watched in several years so I figure I really do not need them.
Makes you wonder how much stuff we really need in our lives.

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Colleen Cawood said...

We recently downsized from a 4 bedroom house to a nice little three bedroom apartment. Some very hard decisions were made as to what stays with us and what is given away, sold or thrown on the rubbish heap. So anyways, I know exactly where you're coming from. But now life seems to have become "lighter" as though the weight of all of those meaningless possessions were lifted from my shoulders. Life's a bowl of cherries as long as you don't have to many!