Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The changing face of computing

I just love this illustration  for the Microsoft Surface tablet that converts to a netbook although one hopes you can tweak the operating system to restore the Start button replace Internet Exploder 10 with Firefox or Chrome and install Foxit PDF reader rather than the bloated Adobe one that nags you every two to three weeks.
In 2012 we expect to keep up to speed with life online so products like this slot much better into our personal lives than old style desk top computers that still may have advantages for some types of work.
Having just visited one forum where this came up, I''ll end by saying online North American English is very prevalent and whatever your feelings around that might be, it's as well to get to grips with it.

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mittfh said...

It's... an OStan! Who happens to look rather similar to your "anime girl in rain" picture :)

There are utilities available for the full version of Windows 8 to restore a Start Menu and boot directly to the desktop (thus bypassing the tiled interface formerly known as "Metro" but now officially called "Modern UI"), and you will be able to install third party applications (e.g. a decent browser) in the desktop mode of this.

However, Windows RT (the cut-down version of 8 used on the Surface) can only use third party programs in the Modern UI (not the desktop) - these have to be obtained from the Windows Store. Developers have to build apps from the ground up - they cannot port existing programs to the tablet.

So think of Win RT vs Win 8 the same way as iOS vs Mac OS X - what runs on one won't run on the other.