Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dancing on a Saturday Night

For some people seeing something like that record above would trigger of a lot of memories so I might just add for the timeline it's 1973 and volume 33 in the Hallmark/Pickwick Top of The Pops series.
Borrowing the title from the then BBC TV show of the time, they'd have session musicians including some household names go in the studio and re-record the hit 45's of the day to avoid paying for the rights from the artists own record companies but on the plus side you had full versions and it was cheaper than buying a bunch of 45's back then.
Some of the versions were actually better than the originals and I liked most of the songs on this album as I had some bought for me at the time! They were sold in places like Woolworths and discount stores.
The series faded out by the late 70's and 80's as record companies licensed the originals for compilations on KTel and Ronco Records and in the UK the Now! series from December 1983

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