Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gettin' Ready (Temptations Pt 2)

Just taking a bit of time out from the guests here today (shh) to type a few words to say thanks for the unexpected birthday wishes.
A few things I had ordered as being very poorly last week I hadn't gotten stuff  organized as well as I'd normally would, have yet to arrive.
One being a kind of follow on from last weeks entry in that around 2001 I'd built up my collection of studio Temptations albums liking Motown rather a lot in a series of two albums on one cd that were issued in the UK from "Meet The Temptations" to 1975's "A Song for You".
That series, most desirable in it's own way missed a few albums from the early 1970's out (Sky's The Limit, Solid Rock and 1990) that I ended up getting in high quality downloads from iTunes.
That left a classic album from 1966still missing from the collection.
This one was the home of "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" and "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" which was covered by the Rolling Stones on their It's Only Rock and Roll album of 1974.
Well this should be coming tomorrow in re-issued cd form although like most things now, I'll rip it to iTunes for listening to on the go.

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