Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Enter the RCD 965LE discrete!

Following on from last weeks bad news, eventually I should be getting all being well tomorrow, a replacement cd player, having looked closely into what was available and what my own needs are.
All the SACD discs I own are of the sort that have a layer that plays on a regular cd player and while the format is popular for specialty re-issues, you'd be hard pressed to find a single new release by a mainstream artist in sacd.
Equally while for a small propotion of HDCD discs there are some advantages to being played via a player with the HDCD digital to analogue convertor chips featured, a good number of manufacturers who had championed it such as Rotel have themselves discontinued support for brand new players.
This would mean that even if I were to buy new, I would be looking at cd players that are designed very much around regular discs and I spend an increasing amount of my time listening to either downloads via the laptop or vinyl for the finest sound.
The odds it seemed to me to be good for looking at a quality used player to enjoy my disc collection on.
Enter this:
This is an upgraded and highly sought after version of a classic player from the 90's that had better quality components fitted and instead of an inexpensive integrated circuit taking the final audio out, it has a high quality transistorized one instead.
It has the longwinded product name of Rotel RCD 965LE Discrete and features a co-axial digital output for my MiniDisc recorder. It comes with remote, a 3 month warranty and has been fully tested.

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