Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Post topics

Sometimes you might be forgiven for thinking I live on the net as yet another example of the up and downsides of net life is currently running it's cycle.
At many sites there are the main forums  that are around what the site is mainly about which I guess was which  it was we originally joined and on some sites there the so-called off topics that may have a separate sub forum where people talk about the generalities of life not otherwise covered and sometimes this can prove problematical for often people have strongly held beliefs.
There's a bit if a storm brewing over political posts at one site where some feel one member is really pushing the buttons interjecting political points in threads that are not about politics feeling this leads to a poisoned atmosphere and those members feel nothing should be off limits.
The problem with the political posts tends to be the poster often writes in such as way that it seems they are shouting from a platform, generally not accepting contrary points as if opponents are evil, rather than trying exploring more the topic and may be feeling you've learnt something.
Sometimes these hard feelings and animosities creep over into how people see each others posts on unrelated matters which is why on some sites it's banned. My own take is the sites owner needs to make a decision on this.

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