Friday, 25 October 2013


Thinking a bit back to when some us grew up,  one of things I loved were Cartoon strips usually printed in the newspapers and then issues in the form of a collection of some 12 months or so. One famous series I recall was the Britisher Giles's done for the Daily Express which usually came with a colour cover and an introduction from a notable personality of the day.
The early 1970's in the UK were a time of unrest in labour relations, unstable politics and unprecedented terrorism and this is a favourite cartoon of that era.
Here we have the school pupils on strike, proudly displaying their banners passing a major employer as  the Chairman instructs his secretary to note the ringleaders so they can be "blacked" (denied employment) should they apply in the future.  Although it's a cartoon, such Blacklisting was endemic in the construction industry until recently where long lists of names were found stored for this purpose.

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