Monday, 27 January 2014

Common sense

Doing the rounds presently is this caption and like most it's kinda bold in its declaration however it's worth thinking  thinking about.
For one thing, you may of encountered folk who've told you "There is no such thing as common sense". My problem with such an answer is, that quite simply if we'd assumed nothing at all, all our responses to everyday situations would be entirely random with a very chaotic set situation of situations soon breaking out.
I don't think it's for nothing that one of first things any small group of people do is establish between themselves some ground rules and it may be that some of them form a  part of what we call "common sense" because they are the things we assume in any given situation.
Most of us are fairly rational in our responses even if we're angry about something or other, we can sense if a proposition is going too far or otherwise disproportionate and so on.
The irony is in the caption: Often those who need it the most, seldom use of it to make better responses.

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