Friday, 14 March 2014

R.I.P Tony Benn

Today it was announced the veteran Labour politician and former Member of Parliament Anthony Wedgewood Benn who was born in 1925 died following a period of illness.
Tony very much lived up to the notion of being who you are and saying what you believe both in and out Government, playing  a major role in the 1964-1970 and 1974-1979 Labour governments holding ministerial office, overseeing the transformation of the then GPO, helped form ICL an big computer player from small private concerns, the creation of a peoples bank, Girobank where you could bank at the Post Office and use mail based services, overseeing the outlawing of pirate pop radio and the introduction of its' legal replacement, BBC Radio 1 and supporting Worker Co-operatives.
He also supported the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament which I was a supporter of, played a vocal role in campaigning against the Iraq War. In later years he toured theatres giving packed talks about his life and beliefs and wrote a series of diaries.
Politically he was very much an inspiration to me to get engaged with and in the process. He will be missed by all sides in politics.

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